Share your love of gardening

This holiday season, share your love of gardening—buy a Society membership as a gift for a friend or relative. From free Member Talks to shopping discounts, the benefits of Society membership are many—and it’s a gift that keeps giving throughout the year. 

As part of our seasonal Give the Gift of Membership campaign, anyone purchasing a gift membership for a NEW member will be entered into a draw for a prize package (a Society gardening journal (The Growing Journal), a 2023 calendar, and a $25 gift card to a local garden centre). The new member’s name will also be entered a draw for a prize package (a Society gardening journal (The Growing Journal), a 2023 calendar, and a $25 gift card to a local garden centre.) Help us grow!

Purchase online, in person, or by telephone

You can easily purchase a gift membership online at Membership/Gift Membership or call the office at 403.287.3469 for service by telephone. The individual membership fee is $55 and the senior (65+) membership fee is $35.

If you want to pick up the membership card so you can personally deliver your gift, please call the office and speak with Gail 403.287.3469. Please leave a message if the phone is not answered and Gail will return your call.

The Society grows membership value all year long:

12 months of garden learning, member connections, classes, and events
11 Q&A programs engaging experts to answer your indoor and outdoor gardening questions
10% discount (or more); membership = savings
9 months of indoor learning
8 Member Talks and 8 issues of Calgary Gardening magazine
7 approaches to learning for all gardeners: hands-on, Zoom online, video on demand, make-and-take, question and answer, hybrid video and instructor led, and tours
6 gardening umbrellas to tap your interests: planning, flora, fauna, soil, creative, and harvest
5 Open Gardens tour dates; see what grows in Calgary
4 months of in-the-garden activities
3 ways to share plants and seeds: in-person Plant Shares, Facebook Plant Share Group, and Members’ Forum Plant Share topic
2 key signature events for learning, networking, and connecting our gardening community
1 Bring a Friend! Share your member and gardening experience and learn together

Gardening makes us better people. We nurture the soil, grow plants, and share our bounty. We gain benefits of well-being, giving back to the environment, and creating places of beauty for our family, friends, and neighbours. Come grow with the Society!

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