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Imagine it’s the early 1900s, you’re a newcomer hailing from an oversees cosmopolitan urban centre that has lush gardens and ancient trees. Stepping off the train in Calgary you see… nothing but prairie—long grass and dirt as far as the eye can travel. A real welcoming sight for the newcomer whom Calgary is hoping will put down roots, develop businesses, raise a family, and build the community.

It was a daunting image that community leaders such as William G. Hunt wanted to change with a city beautiful initiative. He envisioned making Calgary the most beautiful city in Canada. From this vision and initiative, in April 1908, sprung the Calgary Horticultural Society.

The Calgary growing environment is very different than other places in the world that newcomers hail from, including other places in Canada—The Maritimes, Ontario, or British Columbia. Chinooks strongly influence what can grow here. From it’s beginning, the Society has helped educate Calgarians on how to successfully grow in Calgary … from the first Flower Show, to our Garden Show, to our current online and in-person signature events, the Society provides opportunities for gardeners to get together and share their challenges and successes. Technology and trends have changed, but the Society is still helping gardeners be successful growers and beautify our city.

Looking down from a plane as it circles Calgary in readiness to land, today’s newcomer now sees a city with a tree canopy, parks, and gardens—it is a beautiful city. Into the future, the Society will continue to support, encourage, and plant seeds to build our community. Regardless of your experience as a gardener, we will help you and support your vision for growing in Calgary.

Become a member of our charitable organization and engage in Gardening for Life. Membership gives the gift of resources to help a gardener do something for themselves, their families, their community—it supports those with the desire to nurture the earth and beautify the environment—Join us!

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