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At Calgary Horticultural Society, we rely on volunteers to help us deliver our services and programs to gardeners. Each year, we are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers whose time, skills, experience and enthusiasm help us achieve our aims to educate, promote and support gardening in the Calgary area.

Volunteering at Calgary Horticultural Society is a great way to meet like-minded people, use your skills or learn new ones. You will find a friendly, social atmosphere at our volunteer events, and you will be surrounded by people who share your love of gardening.

We have a wide range of opportunities for people of all skills and abilities.  Volunteers assist us with our education programs, help us with our annual Garden Show, help to tend our teaching and demonstration garden and support us to deliver outreach and events around the city.

We ask that all volunteers have a current Calgary Horticultural Society membership to participate in our volunteer program.  To find out more, please contact the office:
403.287.3469 (option 6)

Volunteer Opportunities at the Society

NEW! Donor Relations Consultant

Are you a fundraising or donor relations specialist with a passion for helping our community build meaningful growing spaces? Then we need your help! The Calgary Horticultural Society is seeking the assistance of a professional in the field of fundraising, donor relations, grant writing, or sponsorship to help us build a meaningful plan for the future growth of our organization. Please contact Natasha at if you would like to discuss and learn more about this opportunity—Help us grow!

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Open Gardens Coordinator – The Society is seeking volunteers to help coordinate Open Gardens in the northern quadrants of Calgary. Open Gardens is one of the Society’s most popular member events. The coordinators recruit gardeners willing to be hosts and share their gardens with the Society members on a summer Sunday afternoon.

For a full role description, visit this link: Open Gardens coordinator.

Garden Scout – This role supports our Open Gardens Coordinators. The Society is always looking for new and interesting gardens to add to our Open Gardens tours. With so much change and growth, it’s a challenge to know about all the intriguing gardens in the city, so we’re seeking Garden Scouts to help us. As a scout, if you see an interesting garden, we would like you to plant a seed by suggesting that the garden be opened to the Society membership for a tour and leave Society contact information. It’s a terrific opportunity to chat about gardens and gardening. For more information, visit this link: Garden Scout.

Bi-Annual Plant Shares – Members only Plant Shares are held twice a year to swap plants. There are a variety of volunteer jobs we need assistance with from coffee sales to running plants, cashiers and more. It is a fun morning to meet your fellow members.

Casino – The Society runs a casino every 18 months as a major fundraiser. There are a variety of volunteer positions from chip runner to banker and cashiers. The Society has been awarded a casino event November 24 and 25, 2020 and is actively seeking volunteers.

Society Garden – We always look for volunteers to help with the spring clean-up, weeding, watering and fall clean-up of our society gardens.

Office/Administration – an extra set of hands is always appreciated at the office to help file, selling memberships at events, mail-outs, refreshment support at the monthly Member Talks, etc.

Annual Garden Show – the society puts on an annual Garden Show. The show is run completely by over 200 volunteers. There are numerous opportunities: greeters, ticket scanners, décor, membership sales, set up and tear down, 50/50 ticket sellers to name a few. The show runs in mid-April and the Volunteer coordinator will send out a request for volunteers in March.

Society Board of Directors – On behalf of the Society’s members, the Calgary Horticultural Society Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and financial accountability of the organization. The Board sets strategic direction and budgets and provides oversight of the Executive Director. Additionally, Directors are expected to advocate for the Society within the community and to serve as ambassadors at its public events. For current openings on the Board, position details, and how to apply, use this Learn More link.

We ask that all volunteers have a current Calgary Horticultural Society membership to participate in our volunteer program. To find out more, please contact the office:
403.287.3469 (option 1)

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