Andrew Britton

Gecko Grow 

Andrew Britton moved to Calgary from Vancouver Island in 2004 and quickly learned that Calgary’s growing conditions were very different than what he was used to. After navigating late frosts, early frosts, hailstorms, summer snowfalls, poor soil, and a new breed of garden pests, he started to look for a solution to satisfy his gardening bug without a constant time-consuming struggle—and only one chance a year to get it right.  

When he started learning about hydroponic gardening techniques, Andrew knew he’d found the solution he had been looking for. Finally, no more battling the elements or reaping small, once-a-year harvests, he could now grow anything year-round in just a few square feet in his basement. 

Wanting to share his success with others, Andrew founded Gecko Grow, a Calgary-based hydroponic supply company that ships professional-grade hydroponic nutrients and other growing supplies to commercial and home growers across Canada. 


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Ann Van de Reep

Ann has been involved in horticulture in Calgary for many years, both professionally and as a volunteer. She has been a Master Gardener since 2001 and has a Prairie Horticulture Certificate from Olds College. Ann has worked as a garden designer and consultant, as project coordinator of the Alberta Perennial Trial program and taught Landscape Design and Perennial Plant ID at the Calgary Zoo. She is now mostly retired and volunteers with the Horticultural Society, the Calgary Zoo and at Reader Rock Garden.  

Elaine Rude

Paintbrush Garden Design and Consulting

Elaine Rude is a Master Gardener, a garden designer, instructor, and writer.  She gardens on four acres NW of Calgary growing vegetables, fruit, numerous perennials, shrubs, and trees.  Elaine is very aware of the challenges we face gardening in the Chinook Zone but paying attention to our site, choosing the right plants, and growing them in a sustainable way will ensure we can have gorgeous gardens.  There are so many opportunities to create great prairie gardens we just need to believe it’s possible. 


Janet Melrose

Calgary’s Cottage Gardener

Janet Melrose is ‘Calgary’s Cottage Gardener’. Garden consultant, coach, educator, and Horticultural Therapist. Her motto is ‘Grow, Nurture, and Bloom’.   

She shares her passion for gardening and knowledge through workshops and writing for ‘The Gardener for Cold Climates’ and ‘Calgary Gardening’ magazines. She also co-authors with Sheryl Normandeau the Guides for Prairie Gardeners series of books which has just released two more books. 

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Jennifer Hoglin

Gooseberry Gardens

Jennifer Hoglin has been getting her hands dirty in the garden since before she could walk but has been gardening in the Calgary area for over 15 years. She is the owner of Gooseberry Gardens, a gardening website, blog, and landscape design company. It was a long winding road to horticulture. She started off as a professional cook in her early years, switched it up by earning a science degree in environmental biology, and then switched it up again with a diploma in architectural technology. Along the way she also stumbled into permaculture. The result is a passion for food gardening and garden design all encompassed in Gooseberry Gardens. In her spare time during the summers, she also loves to talk gardening with customers at her local garden centre. 


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Kath Smyth

Kath Smyth is a horticulturist with extensive experience in the horticultural industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations and client consultations. She is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening success and is currently working as a Horticulturist for The Calgary Horticultural Society.

Regularly appears on CBC Radio Calgary Eyeopener and Alberta at Noon and Global News Morning Calgary.

Kevin Lee

KRL Tree Service

Kevin Lee owner of KRL Tree Service has been an arborist in Calgary since the 80s. 

A student of Dr Alex Shigo, he practises holistic tree care and his many happy clients have very healthy trees with little chemical intervention. 

In March of 2021 LeeValley tools published his book ‘Your Trees; What They Want You to Know’ – a hands on guide for tree loving home owners that shares much of Kevin’s knowledge.  

Kevin now spends most of his time consulting about tree health problems, teaching and speaking.


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Krista Green

Zone 3 Vegetable Gardening

Krista Green lives on 4 acres in southern Alberta with her husband and 3 children. She is an avid vegetable gardener and garden blogger, desiring to teach and inspire others wanting to grow their own food in the northern climate. As well as being a life-long gardener, Krista worked at Vale’s Greenhouse in Black Diamond for several years. Krista works locally as a paramedic and her husband as a firefighter. Together they love learning about homesteading and permaculture.   


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Lisa Range

Feeding Our Roots

Lisa Range is the owner and founder of “Feeding Our Roots”, a Calgary-based gardening education business through which she shares her knowledge, creativity and passion for growing both edible and ornamental plants. She has developed season-long workshops and engages with participants to coach them on growing their own vegetable and cut flower gardens without the trial-and-error.  A love of the culinary arts complements her passion for gardening. 

Lisa is an ardent promoter of local small businesses and food artisans.  Her garden and workshops are built around the tenets of environmental sustainability. She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Guelph, an MBA from the University of Calgary, and she completed her Master Gardener certification with the Calgary Horticultural Society in 2021. Lisa and her husband live on an “urban homestead” in Renfrew and have three young children.


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Michelle Edworthy

Michelle Edworthy is the Master Gardener Coordinator for the Calgary Horticultural Society. She has a background in agriculture, despite being a city girl from Vancouver, and is passionate about spending time in the outdoors whether gardening or hiking. She has been an environmental educator since 2006, working in various roles in and around Calgary. She uses journaling regularly, as a means to reflect and develop observation skills and is excited to share her knowledge in this area. 

Susan Blackwood

Susan Blackwood is a Horticulturist with a passion for trees. In her roles as Botanical Education Coordinator at the Calgary Zoo, Instructor for Woody Plant Identification, and Landscape Design, and as a past director of the Heritage Tree Foundation of Canada. Susan has helped many Calgarians to discover the value and beauty of trees in our urban landscapes. Susan is a longstanding member of the Calgary Horticultural Society. 

Tara Stephens

Fungi Akuafo

Tara is a conservation biologist with a keen interest in permaculture, local food systems and community building. Although she works primarily with endangered wildlife, Tara is deeply intrigued by fungi and excited to collaborate with others to learn how to continue to integrate fungi into our food systems, ecosystems and lives. 


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Verne Williams

Growing up on a farm with gardening parents Verne literally grew up gardening. Verne left the farm to study fine arts and then history. She spent her first part of her career in the corporate world but about 10 years ago escaped, took Master Gardener, and entered the Horticultural business with her own gardening company. 

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