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Fall Plant Share & Garlic Bulb Drop Off

Garlic Drop Off

Garlic growers who have participated in the Garlic Venture between 2013-2016 and who would like to join the Co-operative this year are able to drop off their 3 cured garlic bulbs in the teaching garden located behind the office between 9:00AM - 11:00AM.

Previous participants will need to purchase a share in the Co-op for $10.00 in order to continue to participate and become a member. Each share includes 2 garlic bulbs of a new variety plus metal plant markers.

The Co-operative is in its' infancy and there will be opportunities throughout the year for Co-op members to connect and learn more about garlic.

Please ensure your garlic is in a paper bag LABELLED with your name, contact information, and name of the variety of garlic.


Plant Share

Saturday, September 10 - Intake between 9 - 9:45am, sharing begins at 10am

Where: the field west of the Calgary Horticultural Society office located at 208 - 50 Ave. SW Calgary

What is it all about?

The Society hosts two plant shares a year in the fall and spring. The objective of this event is for Society members to share excess plant material with other members and provide information about plants, their cultures and habits. Plant advisors are on hand to answer questions and help them find the right plant for the right location in your garden. Gardeners bring in their excess plants to share and plants can be purchased for $3.00 each.

In order to better serve our members, this will once again be a members' only event. Please make sure your membership is up to date prior to the event and be sure to bring your membership card with you.



If you are ...

Looking for information about the community of gardeners in Calgary, check out our Affiliate members.

Looking for Inspiration and Knowledge?

 Tomatoesand -potatoes

We provide classes and workshops to inspire your experience and knowledge of gardens and plants, from pruning and propagation to digging in the ground.  Whether you enjoy the creative hands-on or short skill building sessions, we hope you find something to suit you.  Our aim is to provide gardening sessions to suit everyone, whether you are just starting out with a garden or you are an experienced gardener looking to broaden your skills.  Our workshops continue on into the summer. Check them out.


Come Grow with Us!
Are you in the Gardening BiZ ? We have your market!

 Check out our newsletter advertising info by choosing "Advertise" under the "Support Us" menu on this website.

* Check out our Corporate and Affiliate membership options by choosing "Apply for a Society Membership" under the "Become a Member" menu on this website.

Thanks to the Calgary Foundation

The Calgary Foundation is generously supporting our strategic planning through a Community grant. Watch for details of the results.



Special Series with Light Cellar: "Be your own Fermenteur!"

Learn how to utilize your garden's harvest in a variety of delicious, health-enhancing ways. During this three part series you will not only learn the specific skills and techniques for safe, delicious fermentation but also about the health benefits of doing so.

Members can register for all three sessions together that are being offered in this three part series:

Monday, October 3, October 17 and October 24, 7:00 - 9:00pm

When you register for all three together you pay $105. That's just $35 per class! Cost per class when you register for each individually is $40.00 for members, $45.00 non-members. This offer is available to members only.

Location: Each class is hosted by and located at The Light Cellar (6326 Bowness Rd NW). Classes are 2 hours each and include a hands-on portion with a take home component. For more information about The Light Cellar, check out their website:

To register, click here

If you are ...


Looking to RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP to the Society? ONLINE:

To renew online you must first have received an E-Invoice to your email address.  If for some reason you do not have this email, please call our office at 403-287-3469 during regular business hours, and we will be happy to assist you in the process.   Read More

Interested in becoming a member of the Society:

Check out our membership options by choosing "Apply for a Society Membership" under the "Become a Member" menu on this website, or call our office at 403-287-3469 during regular business hours.

In need of specific answers about a plant, garden, etc.:

Try these suggestions:
* Try the "Ask an Expert" feature under the Resources section on this website.
* Take your sample to a major Garden Centre such as Sunnyside, Greengate or Golden Acre to get their expert advice.

If you are a Society member, we encourage you to ask around in our online forum.

Giving items away:

Thank you for thinking of us.  We can't accept item donations at this time.  Perhaps you could post an ad on Kijiji.

If you are a Society member, we encourage you to ask around in our online forum.

Finding recommendations about businesses:

There are so many businesses out there, we can't keep track to provide a certified recommendation. Ask a friend or neighbour for a recommendation for the business or service you need.

If you are a Society member, we do encourage you to browse our Friends of the Society and Shopping Discounts sections in the newsletter, or to ask around in our online forum.

 Check out our Demonstration and Teaching Garden.

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