This page is dedicated to the volunteer plants in the garden. Some will be ones you definitely want to pull and throw out and others could be left to grow—more the gardens decision on whether it is a useful plant or a weed.

Photo by Mae Campbell

Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)

This is a pull and throw plant. It is on the invasive species list as a noxious plant and musts be controlled. Wear gloves when pulling to avoid contact as it may cause a rash. Place all plant material in the black bin for disposal. To learn more about this plant read the fact sheet on the Alberta Invasive Species Council website (

Photo by Mae Campbell

Showy Locoweed (Oxytropis splendens)

Showy locoweed is a drought-tolerant native plant. Around June, it will start to bloom. It has pretty purple/pink bonnet-shaped flowers common to members of the pea (Fabaceae) family.

It is available for purchase from nurseries specializing in native plants and is considered a good plant to use when xeriscaping or creating an alpine garden—could be a keeper!

For more information on this plant, visit the E-Flora BC: Electronic Altas of the Flora of British Columbia (The interactive map show North American specimen data collection sites)

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