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We have created this page to help you make the most of your visit to our website. There is a lot of information posted and we understand that it may not always be apparent where to find what you want. Over the coming weeks, information about the features of the website will be added as the content is developed. Thank you for visiting.

Bring a Friend at the Member Price

To purchase a workshop for you and a friend, log in as member, then select “2” from the dropdown in the quantity box. You will be prompted for your guest’s information on the registration information page that follows, as shown below.

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Enter the required information and your friend will registered to join you at the event.

Page Overview

Navigation Notes

Bookmark the website

The Society’s website calhort.org, host a plethora of information. When visiting the Society’s website, the place to start is the home page. To help you start here every time you visit, we recommend bookmarking the page in your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.). By bookmarking the page, an icon for the website is save on the browser bar and, by selecting the icon, will let you visit the page with a click of a mouse.

Buttons on Home Page

In the middle of the Society’s website home page are rectangular text boxes (green or brown) that are buttons. The mouse will change from the point to a hand when it is hovered over a button. These buttons enable visitors to quickly navigate to pages; visit the Think Spring! tickets page for example. There can be up to four buttons in this area and they are used to feature current events and important Society pages.

To help members, one of the buttons is linked to the Members Only area login. Select this button to quickly log in to the pages that are dedicated to information for Society members. There is also a member log in button at the top right of the page. Take some time to explore where these homepage buttons take you.

Return to the Home Page

You can return to the homepage of the Society’s website from any Society webpage by clicking on the Society logo at the top left of the page.

These notes can also be found on our website under the Resources menu, Website Tips.

Next week we introduce the menu tabs across the top of the page. The menus are marked with red rectangles in the image at the top of Member Notes.

Tips for Accessing the Members Only Section of the Website

To access this area of the website, you need to be a member of the Calgary Horticultural Society and have an email address. To learn more about the benefits of membership visit Why Join? under the membership tab.

e-mail Address

The email address that you use when you log in must be the one that you provided the Society when you became a member. If you change your email address, you can updated your contact information by selecting “Your Profile” under the Member Login/Members Only. Log in using the old email address, make the update, then you will be able to use your new email address. You may call the office at 403.287.3469 and make the changes over the phone. The office is open for telephone support Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Please choose ext. 0 and leave a message if your call is not answered. Your call will be returned.

Membership Number

You can find your membership number under Your Profile. To reach the page, log in to the Members Only area of the website. Select Your Profile. Click the green View Profile/Edit Profile Button. Your membership number is listed just below your name.

Forgot My Password

If you have forgotten your password when trying to log in to the Members Only area of the website, select “Forgot my password?” below the log in fields. You will receive an emailed which will let you change your password. If you receive a “not found” or another error message when you try to log in, then call the office (403.287.3469) for assistance. You need to log in with the email your membership is registered under.

Error Message on Log In

If you receive an error message stating that you are unauthorized, it usually means that you are already logged in. Try selecting a page from the dropdown list. If that does not open the page, click the Members Login or Members Only menu item and select sign out. Ideally, close the website page, load it again by entering calhort.org in the browser, then try signing in to the Members Only section.


If you receive an error message that states that cookies need to be enabled, you need to go to Settings on your device, select the browser (e.g., Safari), scroll down to Privacy and Security, and turn off “Block all Cookies” and “Prevent Cross-site Tracking”.

Tips for Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows participants to easily see course materials presented and speak and interact with the instructor and classmates from the comfort of their homes—almost like being in the same room! 
To participate in a Zoom meeting, you will need to download the Zoom software on the device you wish to use for the program. You can participate by cell phone but for most programs, it is recommended to use a computer or tablet to have a larger viewing screen. It should only take a matter of seconds and the software only needs to be downloaded the first time you join a meeting. 
If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or mobile device, (not a desktop or laptop computer) you will first need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings application from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have the software on your or mobile device (or computer), you will only need the Zoom meeting invitation link to participate in subsequent meetings on that same device. It is not necessary to create a Zoom account.

Good Zoom Practices

  • When logging into a meeting, be sure to enter your name so the presenter and other participants will know who is on the call. 
  • We recommend turning (or keeping) off your device’s camera once in the meeting by clicking on the ‘video icon’ to stop your device’s camera from projecting a video of you in your home (When the meeting is set-up the default is to have the participant’s camera off). 
  • Select ‘join with device audio’ so you will hear the presentation.
  • Please mute your microphone so there is no background noise during the presentation. If you have a question you can use the ‘raise your hand’ tool found under the ‘chat’ icon or type into the ‘chat’ window. These tools are available at the bottom of the meeting screen and/or under the ‘more’ or by clicking on the three dots (…), depending on the device you’re using.
  • The host, (the meeting presenter) has access to mute all participant microphones or ask everyone to mute themselves. At the end of a meeting the presenter may invite questions from the group. Use the ‘raise hand’ tool to indicate you have a question and wait in turn for the host to unmute your microphone and call upon you to speak. This avoids people inadvertently talking over each other. 
  • Note: You NEED a device with speakers (or be able to connect a listening device such as a headset or earbuds) to hear audio in the meeting. You DO NOT NEED a device with a camera or a microphone in order to watch and listen; you just won’t be able to interact with the instructor or participants except by typing into the ‘chat’ window.
  • Ensure that you allow Zoom to access your device audio. If you are using a tablet and there is no sound, check the volume control. Also check that the audio device button has been activated. It may look like a headset.

Plant Share Group

Society members can share plants using the Society Members’ Forum (Society Plant Share and Exchange topic), and if they are Facebook users, the Society’s Plant Share Facebook Group. Members can use this link to be redirected to the Plant Share Facebook page. Please complete the Group membership questions. They help us confirm your Society membership.

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