Hydroponic grow system images in a collage to promote the talk.

Class Objective

Understand what hydroponics is and how it used.

Hydroponics is a category of horticulture that involves growing plants not with soil, but rather with water, sand or other liquids instead. You will learn about hydroponics and the uses of it in this module.

Teacher Resources

5 Resources to Help You Become a Hydroponic Expert

Deep Water Culture

Ebb and Flow Systems

How Does Aeroponics Work?

High Yield Indoor Farming

Hydroponic Related Websites

Hydroponic Systems: Getting to Know Basic Hydroponic Equipment

Hydroponics: the Power of Water to Grow Food

Hydroponic Resources

Nutrient Film Technique

So What is Hydroponics?

What is Hydroponics and How Does it Work?


NuLeaf Farms

Gecko Grow  

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