Class Objective

Develop hands-on skills and develop skills based on special interests.

Unit Overview

Unit B – Objectives 

  • This section of the course is intended for students to develop hands-on skills in the field of horticulture and to work within a group to develop skills based on special interests. Below are listed various resources for subjects related to Horticulture that students may be interested in exploring. Subjects can be combined to create a new project.  

Project Pathway Suggestions 

  • 1. Participating in the YardSmart Program  
  • 2. Edible and/or Medicine Garden on site or at home 
  • 4. On-site or At-home Hydroponics Project 
  • 5. Incorporating Seed Saving Practices to Project 
  • 6. Build/partner with a Greenhouse  

Class Objectives

  • To practice teamwork and collaboration with classmates to come together with plan(s) for how class project can be created. Incorporating planning and technical skills. 
  • Develop group work and collaborative skills in small groups incorporating the knowledge learned from unit. 
  • Continue to develop group and collaborative work while incorporating the knowledge learned so far. Complete project far enough to be able to start developing plan further. 

Class Activity Suggestion

Using a mind-map method, weave together the thoughts, ideas, creative visions of the class on a board and brainstorm together how these various parts could come together as a group project. 

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