How can we help you start a Community Garden in Calgary?

You’ve come to the right place. The Calgary Horticultural Society would like to support you in your efforts by offering the following support:

  • Membership—See the benefits here.

  • Calgary Community Gardens Database—Access our database to find a community garden in your area or to let other people know about your garden. Contact us if your community garden information requires updating.

  • Private Facebook Page—for Community Gardeners. An online forum for leaders to share and communicate with others about successes and failures. Use it as a place to post events, share tools, and helpful information. Ask us for an invitation by email.

  • Kitchen Table Talks—An off-season gathering of Community Garden Leaders to discuss concerns, issues, and interests pertaining to the organization and leadership of a community garden. These events are hosted at the Calgary Horticultural Offices (or online). Discussion topics are selected and shared before each session to guide the conversation and facilitate the dialogue. Come armed with your questions.

  • Outreachcontact us if you have an event and would like a ‘garden expert’ to attend or if you would like to host a talk. We have graduates from the Master Gardener Program who can provide support ‘in the garden’ and speakers who can speak on your topic of interest.
  • Index of Resource Information—We have been collecting valuable gardening information for many years. Let us help you by sharing what we know. If you have a specific interest, let us know so that we may guide you, teach you or direct you to the best source of information. Experience has taught us that it’s often the people, not the plants or forms that provide the greatest challenges and rewards of community gardens, so be sure to ask about our resources on nurturing your garden team and connecting with your community. Contact us to help answer your community gardening questions.

  • Programs, Workshops, Classes, Courses, and Talks offer by the Society. See them here or contact us.

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