Why is Community Gardening important to Calgary?

Skill legacy
  • Social—legacy of skill
  • Teaching
  • Growing our kids in gardening
  • Advocacy for the abilities and space to grow food
  • Education and exploration
  • Sharing knowledge / teaching
  • Combines all skill levels
Personal value
  • Support therapy
  • Therapeutic
  • Contact with nature
  • Connection to earth and each other
  • Attempt to keep balance
  • Outdoors / healthy lifestyle
  • Enjoy a challenge
  • Impact on environment (compost, reduced energy use, local, global warming)
  • Builds philanthropy / education for each other
  • Sense of belonging and responsibility
  • Learning from others / and from the land
  • Family togetherness
  • Connect food, people, and generations
  • Cross cultures and abilities (encourage those with disabilities, new people to community)
  • Spaces to facilitate group activities beyond gardening (readings, lunches, meetings)
  • Draws people together for a new outdoor activity (other than sports)
  • Exercise / builds relationships
  • Greening our community
  • Reconnections with our neighbors
  • Have fun / meet people
  • Networking with other gardeners
  • Gathering space / social awareness
  • Bridges generations, brings youth and seniors together for common goal
  • Promotes sense of ownership from youth and builds sense of respect from youth
  • Ecology (ladybugs, environmental controls without pesticides, composting, water use / conservation
  • Beautifies community
  • Getting youth involved (schools, scout, and guides)
  • Eating healthier / cheaper food
  • Providing garden space for those without
  • Growing clean food
  • Providing sustainable food
  • Providing for less fortunate
  • Subsidizing food costs
  • Having control over your own food sources
  • Producing quality food / food sustainability

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