Benefits of a Community Garden

Here are some of the more commonly discussed benefits that we hear, including:

  • Fresh, pesticide-free produce
  • Meeting neighbors
  • Connecting children to nature
  • Affordably supplementing meals/nutrition
  • Adding beauty, inspiration and serenity to the neighbourhood
  • Increasing community pride
  • Contributing to a healthy ecosystem
  • Encouraging local biodiversity
  • Improving neighborhood safety and security
  • Reducing food transportation distances
  • Improving urban air quality
  • Filtering noise
  • Assisting storm water runoff absorption
  • Reducing personal use of the earth’s resources
  • Informal knowledge sharing and hands-on learning by doing
  • Reducing personal stress
  • Participating in outdoor physical activity
  • Re-entry activity during rehabilitation
  • Opportunities to barter and share seeds, garden care, produce, stories and recipes
  • Creating a community hub that welcomes people of all ages, ability or life experience.

As you can see, there are many reasons to start a community garden. The key to a successful garden is understanding what everyone wants to get out of their experience.

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