Vote to select the winner of our Think Spring! photo contest. Which photo makes you Think Spring!

Our finalists:

View the photo and read why it makes the photographer think about spring, then use the form at the bottom of the page to vote for your favourite.

1. Mourning Cloak

The mourning cloak butterfly is one of the first to appear in the spring. 

2. Flowering Cherry Blossoms

As the fragrant blossoms open they shout, “Spring is here!” 

3. Nose Hill Spring Wildflower

Walking in Nose Hill Park and seeing the first wildflowers appear when the snow melts. 

4. Canadian Tulip

Springtime means refresh and renew. Seeing tulip sprouts popping up from the ground delights me and I await the beautifully coloured blooms like this one. Warmth, blue sky, green and flowers. 

5. Bee on Chive Flower

Spotting the first bees is one of my favorite ways to know spring is on the way! I found this bee curled inside my chives one crisp spring morning in the garden. 

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