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Cover of the 2020 December / 2021 January Calgary Gardening Magazine. The cover features a photo of juniper with green and blue berries

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Tea with Kath

Get great gardening tips with Kath Smyth … the second Tuesday of each month from 2 to 3 pm on Facebook Live


CABBAGE DREAM—Cabbage is strong and hearty. Withstands large range of temperatures. If a person dreams of growing a good harvest of cabbage, it means that they can expect a good harvest in life. Also signifies strong family ties.

Flower Stop

Flower Stop—Dragonflies are so beautiful. So many fascinating colors grace their wings. I think they are super hero because they protect my garden from tiny insect invaders.

Yellow lady slippers

Yellow lady slippers—Yellow lady slippers are a reminder of wild places

Garden Soldiers

Garden Soldiers—Fireball Beebalm: Monarda didyma 'Fireball'. This plant is a garden superhero! It attracts a constant flow of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees and asks for nothing in return. Beautiful, no maintenance and a self-seeder. What else can you ask for?

Butterfly on Black bugbane flower

Butterfly on Black bugbane flower—Because I like the colour of the leaves and how the flowers move in the wind

Itoh Peony Bartzella

Itoh Peony Bartzella—I LOVE peonies for their gorgeous blooms and fragrance... but this Itoh peony is a superstar! It is hardy both for the Calgary climate and super-hardy to stand tall and proud all on its own even in a strong wind! No staking or caging for this beauty! Now about 5 years old in my yard, my Itoh keeps blooming for approximately 4 weeks into mid July. It is also a great cut flower to enjoy in the house as well as in the yard!

Super Pansies

Super Pansies—These plants pop up every year between the cement patio blocks. They make me smile at their tenacious behaviour.

Floral Elegance

Floral Elegance—This flower shows beauty and willingness to sustain other beings in nature who need it..aesthetically and otherwise :)

Big Root Cranesbill

Big Root Cranesbill—My all time favourite groundcover, the Big Root Cranesbill! It grew in my first yard under my apple tree where there was almost no sun. I brought some of it to my new yard where it grows in my shade garden that has a fair bit of moisture. It flourishes covering the ground around my cherry trees, my tall juniper and at the base of my clematis. In this photo, it is on the side of my house where it gets very little sun or water, so a dry-shade area. It grows in any location! There are so many great things about this plant: It is almost an evergreen in that the leaves in the fall seem to just come back to life, so no real clean-up like many perennials. I love the early spring pop of colour. This cranesbill is very well behaved... it grows into a lovely mound and spreads at a manageable pace with roots close to the surface, so it's easy to thin out when needed. But best of all, I love the gentle fragrance when I brush up against its leaves which is enhanced during a rainfall. A definite superstar!

After the storm

After the storm—My hollyhock plants are superheroes because the self-seed each year and provide their cheery flowers at the back of the garden bed.

Peony Power

Peony Power—This peony stands out amongst all the other garden plants.


Butterfly—Butterflies always have a sense of calmness.

Fossils and a waterfall

Fossils and a waterfall—Our yard is all about the natural combination of perennials and rocks and fossil tree rocks


Thirsty—Since planting my perennial garden, these beauties make a regular appearance. They, among other pollinators who visit, have caused my gardens to flourish. Prior to creating the perennial garden, my veggies would produce mediocre yields. Now, our harvests are plentiful and the quality of the fruits and veggies is most excellent.

Aphid Overseer

Aphid Overseer—A cute deterrent to bugs and dog....

Scenery Beyond

Scenery Beyond—Looking through beautiful greenery in front of scenic background. Beauty is all around if you look close enough.


Hellebore—I planted this zone 5 plant about 8 years ago at the bottom of my yard. I toss leaves on it in winter and it stays evergreen and produces beautiful long-lasting blooms every spring. It gives me such joy after a long hard winter and represents an indomitable spirit to me.

Walkin on Sunshine

Walkin on Sunshine—A most beneficial little beauty in all gardens and this cutie right here knows it too! Ladybugs flourish in our gardens and because they do, we have not had an aphid problem yet.


Curves—Tulips my favorite flower. Every spring without fail they bloom. Peaking up through the still cold ground every year like clock work.

The Rock

The Rock—The Garden Rock, is my Superhero as it supports the tall gangly flowers as they reach up to the sky for warmth and growth.


Sprinkles—My Superhero the Sprinkler that nourishes my plants, my flowers that grace our yard.

Garlic 2019

Garlic 2019—Garlic has plenty of health benefits such as lower blood pressure & cholesterol, an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps to strengthen immune systems which makes it a superhero!


Safe-haven—Sedum “Cherry Truffle” Stonecrop is my superhero. Apart from the colourful and attractive star-like flowers, this plant with it’s mundane chocolate coloured foliage is a real beauty. It asks for nothing, happily doing its own thing in the late summer/early fall. As other plants tire-out, the Sedum is just revving up. With less nectar available, this plant is COVERED with bees looking for last minute options. Once snow falls and the Sedum concedes to winter, it become a safe-haven for many insects such as Lady Bugs. The dead foliage creates a visual interest and food for the birds. A true superhero!

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple—They said it couldn’t be done, you can’t over winter a Japanese Maple in Calgary. Yet purchased in 2015, were enjoying it every summer. The secret: after the leaves fall off in the Fall, we put it on a low voltage mat in our unheated garage for the winter. Out it comes in early May.

Iris Strength

Iris Strength—My Iris stands with strength and courage because of the water droplets that nurture her. The water droplets are her Superheroes.


Breath—Take the time to stop & breathe, pause & reflect on all the good in your life.

Invisible Hunter

Invisible Hunter—Spiders are my superhero. They work tirelessly, catching unaware insects. I welcome them. There will be fewer bugs in my garden! This spider’s hidden, intricate web has been uncovered and highlighted by dewdrops.


Incoming—Both the bee and the hollyhock are superheroes. These hollyhocks provided a great deal of pollen for all the pollinators that visited our gardens last year. The bee, has always been a superhero! Every year, our raspberries are packed with delicious fruit because of them.

Calm serenity

Calm serenity—I just find looking at the natural beauty of nature is very calming in this crazy world of viruses, pandemic’s and the craziness that goes on.

A Little Pollen With Lunch.

A Little Pollen With Lunch—Scabiosa is a superhero because it gives great colour in the garden, blooms reliably every year, blooms for a long time, and the bees - superheroes on their own! - love them!

sphinx moth.. a summer visitor

sphinx moth—After a very very windy day I found this moth in my garden.

Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun—So beautiful and so tiny. Can move at 30 miles an hour and migrate 2500 miles make them my super hero!


Forget-Me-Not!—This beautiful tiny biennial superhero comes back every year in the darkest corners of my garden. It isn't afraid of the dark and shady places in this world. It pokes its tiny flower heads out from behind the bigger plants; it is one tough and reliable little superhero!

Super Pollinator

Super Pollinator—Butterflies are great pollinators!


SUMMER SUNSHINE—Rudbeckia is makes me feel so happy. It symbolizes encouragement and motivation. It is very tolerant of many conditions.


Favourites—Eye catching, lovely scent, just kept going and growing . . . and they make me smile

Out For A Stroll Among The Flowers

Out For A Stroll—Scabiosa is a superhero because it gives great colour in the garden, blooms reliably every year, blooms for a long time, and the butterflies - superheroes on their own! - love them! On the day this was taken a whole bunch of these butterflies - I believe they are Painted Ladies - and a Mourning Cloak came into our yard, hanging out on the rocks around our waterfall enjoying the sun and on the flowers - mostly the scabiosa - in our garden. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Special visit

Special visit—This dragonfly spent most of the day following me around the yard while I puttered with my flowers. I believe it was a special visit from my husband who has passed away

The heart of the garden

The heart of the garden—The bleeding heart is a superhero because we can count on it to come back each year to add its delicate pink hearts and foliage to the perennial bed.

Pot of Beauty

Pot of Beauty—Flowers makes you feel energized, smell, sight and beauty

Waking up

Waking up—The fern is a superhero because early each spring it emerges from the ground, uncurls, and provides delicate spring foliage.

Lovely Ladybug

Lovely Ladybug—This lovely ladybug had quite an adventure exploring our potted plants in tbe backyard in the summer. It covered a lot of ground and plants spreading beauty with every move!


Emma—This Winnipeg Parks Rose is such a great part of my garden. It always has many blooms. This rose was a gift from friends and I named her after my Mom (Emma) who passed away a few years ago. I talk to her all summer.

I think I can!

I think I can!—The picture I am submitting is one taken last year on April 28th of Pulsatilla alpina (Alpine Pasque Flower) braving a late spring snowfall. Pulsatilla vulgaris rubra (Red Pasque Flower) is the official flower of the City of Calgary and a cousin of this alpine variety. Pulsatilla are superheros in my garden because they are some of the first plucky perennials to endure Calgary's often variable spring weather, poking their noses up through a cover of fall leaves - and sometimes snow! Pasque comes from Old French for Easter in reference to the spring bloom time. Faithfully returning year after year, this well-behaved herbaceous perennial continues to delight after flowering by providing a show of stunning fluffy seed heads. I'm thrilled to have this courageous and beautiful Superhero in my garden.

Jack Frost Brunnera

Jack Frost Brunnera—Jack Frost Brunnera is a hardy, shining star in the not-so-sunny side of my garden. It's tiny blue flowers are that perfect hit of colour in spring, but it's foliage is what really makes it my hero. Dark green veining on fuzzy silvery leaves provide light and texture all season long. And when we have a stretch of wet weather, the slugs slide on past Brunnera's self-defensive fuzzy shield.

late Sept 2019 . . . 3 days before heavy snow, sigh

late Sept 2019—I lovingly start them indoors every year and they never let me down.


Iris—This iris grows in between rocks and competes for sun and nutrients with a number of trees and shrubs. However, every year it manages to produce beautiful flowers.

Coral Sunset

Coral Sunset—It’s one of the first plants out in the spring, and leads the charge for the season

Pillar of Beauty

Pillar of Beauty—This strong, resilient flower exudes courage and encourages those around it to stand tall and beautifully represent nature.


SUNFLOWER STRONG—Sunflowers have a strong stalk signifying strength of character, long lasting blooms signifying long life, seems happy because it is bright and faces the sun, provides food for humans and animals. I have picked this flower in honor of my dear freind battling leukemia.

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