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The draw questionnaire listed common practices for water-wise gardening. The most common practice was to plant cold hardiness Zone 3 or hardier plants. Tied for the second most common practice were redirecting downspouts towards flower beds, shrubs or trees and watering only in the early morning or evening. These practices are popular because they are simple things that any gardener can do to help their garden thrive while being mindful of water usage. 

The survey also had a field to share a personal water-wise practice. Some gardeners noted that they apply cooking water to their garden or compost bin. Several gardeners informed us that they’ve eliminated their lawns and have planted the former lawn area with drought-tolerant plants. One gardener shared that removing irrigation from their Saskatoon shrubs has improved the shrub’s health.

The Society will use the information collected from the draw to help with program planning and water-wise gardening awareness. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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