2021-2022 The program will run starting Saturday, October 23, 2021, continuing through until Saturday, April 8, 2022. We are still taking registrations for the last 4 spaces! Register ASAP to avoid disappointment. Use the application form to register for the program. The program is divided into two sessions: Part A (October to December) and Part B (January to April). Both parts do not have to be completed in the same year.

The Master Gardener program is perfect for those interested in learning more about the art and science of gardening such as botany, plant identification and propagation, pest and weed management, sustainable gardening techniques and more. It is both theoretical and practical, taught by horticulturists, experienced practitioners and industry experts. Participants are encouraged to work together as a group in order to enhance knowledge and to solve problems. Different perspectives enrich the discussions and the learning experience. This non-credit program is designed to train volunteers who then can share their knowledge in the community.

Are you looking for a challenge?

The Master Gardener program provides a broad scientific base of knowledge for gardeners. Expert speakers will help bolster student understanding of garden care and enhancement.

Community participation

Participants network to share knowledge and create a community of like-minded learners. They will join a bigger body of Master Gardeners across the continent who have the knowledge and tools to provide gardening guidance and assistance to the public and institutions.

Program commitment

This program will challenge participants and requires a serious investment of time. Students are led through an intensive program with assignments, discussion posts and a volunteer practicum of forty hours. Each week students will be required to do some readings and reflections/discussion posts to help them prepare for and process course material as well as bi-weekly assignments.

Those students choosing to do the online option must have a computer with camera and be willing to turn on their camera for the duration of the class.

All students will be required to use Microsoft Teams at least once every 2 weeks to participate in online discussions as part of their marks.


Required: Secondary (High School) Education is required. Some post-secondary school (education or experience) is an asset.

Recommended: Since the Master Gardener Program covers a variety of topics and is scientifically challenging, attending the prerequisite courses is recommended to help ease the transition into the program. The recommended prerequisite course is Introduction to Woody Plant ID. Calgary Gardening Fundamentals and Garden Journaling are also courses that are helpful to any beginner/novice gardener wishing to take the Master Gardener Program in the future. They are usually run in spring.


The 2021-2022 Master Gardener Program will run on Saturdays from 9:00 am to noon. Part A runs from October 23 until December 18, 2021, and Part B runs January 8 until April 8, 2022 (excluding holidays). Both parts do not have to be completed in the same year. (Please note the schedule page is being updated and may change. The calendar currently only list the start dates.)

See the 2021/2022 program details and schedule

View the 2021/2022 Master Gardener calendar

Note: The calendar starts with a display of the current month. You may need to page through the calendar until you reach the scheduled classes and courses.

Location and Cost

This years’ Master Gardener Course will be offered both in-person and online. The in-person class will meet at at Winston Heights-Mountview Community Hall (520 27 Ave NE), public health emergency permitting. The online class will join in via Microsoft Teams (some portions shared but any group work would be via breakout rooms). There will be 25 in-person spots and 15 online-only spots.

Please note that the class (both online and in-person participants) will use a Microsoft Teams site to connect as a group. Discussion posts (on this site) will be part of the course marking and therefore students will need to visit this site at minimum every 2 weeks. This site will also allow for the sharing of extra resources, homework (including questions about it) volunteer opportunities, job postings and any other pertinent opportunities. An invitation to the site will be provided 2 weeks prior to class start.

Costs: $200 registration fee (due with application) + course fee:

Course fee:
Online Part A&B (1 space remaining) = $800. Part A only = $450 (+another $450 if you choose to do Part B in 2022)
In-person Part A&B (3 spaces remaining) = $900. Part A only = $500 (+another $500 if you choose to do Part B in 2022)

Need a bit more information? Please refer to the FAQs or contact the coordinator: mastergardener@calhort.org

Application Form

The online application form can be found here.

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