Board of Directors

The Society is governed by the following Board of Directors:

President: Don Terway

Vice President: Stacey Mar

Secretary: Barbara Rypien

Treasurer: Peter Ogden

Directors: Nicole Arienzale, Doug Carlyle, Robert Lam, Krista Lauridsen, Howard Phillips, Nicole Sagan, and Judy Williams.

Annual General Meeting

Since we knew that many of our members would be unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on September 17, 2020, it was recorded. Members, please take a moment to watch the video. If you have questions, please use the Contact Us form to send them to us. Thank you.

Press the play button to load the video. Press the play button at the bottom of the video page to start the video.

Meet the New Directors

At the September 17, 2020 AGM of the Calgary Horticultural Society, the following the following new directors were elected for their initial 2-year term ending September 2022.

  • Nicole Arianzale
  • Barbara Rypien
  • Judy Williams

Select this link to read a brief biography of each of these new directors.

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