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Banner Garlic and Harvest Fair: photos of fall colours-leaves, apples, garlic

Garlic and Harvest Fair, Saturday, September 25.

Want to attend the Garlic and Harvest Fair? It’s online Saturday, September 25 from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm. Speakers will provide tips and tricks for planting garlic and how you can preserve your harvest. Get more information and buy tickets using the buttons on our homepage or from the What’s Happening event. ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen is the presenting sponsor. Join us online for a morning of learning!

Kath on Global News Morning Calgary

Did you catch the Society’s Kath Smyth on Global this morning with Leslie Horton​? If not, check out the video to see which bulbs she’s planting this year. She also introduces the Garlic and Harvest Fair from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 25. See the homepage of for information and tickets. Check out our 50/50 Cash Raffle Fall Fundraiser too!

The Society’s Annual General Meeting is Thursday,
September 16, 2021

Please see the Annual General Meeting Page under the Members Only section of the website for details about the meeting. Members can register to attend online or in-person. Use the link on that page or on the event in the What’s Happening calendar.

Kath’s back on Global

Click the play button below to be taken to the Global News Morning Calgary website to watch the video of Kath Smyth, the Society’s horticulturist, sharing fall gardening tips.

Busy Media Day for the Society.

In the morning, Joanna Tschudy was on Global News Morning Calgary offering gardening advice. It was a mid-summer check-up covering heat, watering, harvesting, and bugs. Press play to watch the interview with Leslie Horton.

Over the noon-hour, Joanna Tschudy was on Alberta at Noon answering gardening questions from across the province. Harvest was a popular topic, especially the challenges facing fruiting shrubs.

Is it time to harvest your garlic?

When the bottom three leaves of the garlic plant turn brown, it’s time to harvest the bulbs. Lift the plants with a fork, trowel, or spade, or dig out with your hands. The stem needs to be kept intact and the bulb needs to have the basal plate with roots attached, so pulling is not recommended. After lifting the garlic, lightly brush off excess soil. Do not use any water to clean off the garlic. Excess moisture can cause the garlic to rot. Lay the garlic spaced out on racks or hang the plants to dry. The bulbs need to dry for at least two weeks in a cool, dark, well ventilated place. If you are looking for more information on harvesting and drying garlic, visit our YouTube channel. Watch Harvesting Garlic at Barheide Ranch for a demonstration of lifting and drying garlic. Watch Drying Garlic at Parkland Peonies for tips about hanging garlic and what makes a quality bulb. These videos were prepared for the Society’s 2020 Garlic Fair Day of Learning.

Bee a Citizen Scientist.

This summer the University of Calgary has a Citizen Scientist pollinator count project that we think gardeners will find of interest. You just need to take 5 to 10 minutes to perform a count of all pollinators on a patch of flowers in a 0.5 x 0.5 m space. Taking photos and sharing them with the project on iNaturalist is also recommended, so they can confirm or identify the pollinators. The project team has prepared a short video to demonstrate how to conduct the count. Watch the demonstration video here. If you give it a try this coming week, you can sign up for the Q & A Discussion session about the project to provide feedback, share your experience, and have your questions answered. 

By participating in this project, you will be contributing valuable data furthering the understanding of Calgary’s pollinators, plants, and biodiversity. This data can be used by City of Calgary ecologists to prioritize which native plants to use to support bee populations when designing restoration projects. It can also be used to make recommendations to local gardeners interested in planting pollinator-friendly gardens. If you’re interested in participating, check out the details on Bee a Citizen Scientist here. The project will be accepting counts until the end of the blooming season, which is around September 30.

It’s Hail Season.

Joanna Tschudy (Calgary Horticultural Society) was on Global News Morning Calgary on July 8 providing tips for this year’s hail season, an intriguing watering tool made with around the home materials, and the opening of the Chinatown Community garden. Watch the video below.

Joanna Tschudy peeks out from behind her hail damaged rhubarb leaf.
Press the play button to visit the Global site and watch the video.

ATCO Park Project.

Stopped by ATCO Park on June 17 and again on July 28 to see how the garden was growing. The seeds that were planted have germinated. The cucumbers are looking a little stressed, which isn’t surprising given the cool weather we’ve had. Now that we’re moving into summer, the warmth should stimulate plant growth.

Potatoes and beans planted on May 27 are showing good growth.
This the garden on July 28. The potato and bean patch is the cluster of tall plants at the back of the photo.

Calgary Horticultural Society on the CBC.

Michelle Edworthy and Chef Darcy chat about growing food at the ATCO Park garden. The Society and the Blue Flame Kitchen are teaming up for a garden to table learning experience.

This is the Facebook post by CBC.

The Society Needs Your Help Finding a New Home.

The Society has been at its current location since August 1, 1994, thanks to support from the City of Calgary. However, the City has sold the property and the Society needs to find a new home by July. The new building committee has looked at several options but has been unable to find something that is suitable and affordable.

Ideally, the location would have a reception area, office space, a studio room, programming space, free parking, and a garden area. The site would be centrally located in Calgary. If we cannot find this ideal location, the Society could temporarily work from a space with a couple of offices, a studio room (to be able to offer our online classes and Member Talks), with parking, while continuing the search for better accommodations. 

If you are aware of a great new home for the Society, please contact Natasha Guillot, the Society’s Executive Director, at

Natasha Guillot on Radio-Canada

“Veuillez joindres Natasha Guillot, directrice générale de la Société d’horticulture de Calgary, chaque mardi matin à 8h45 sur “Le café show” de Radio Canada. Natasha offre des trucs et astuces simples pour jardiner en Alberta.”

The Society’s Executive Director, Natasha Guillot, is appearing at 8:45 am on Tuesday mornings on the “Le cafe show” (a French language program), on Radio-Canada, to provide tips and trick for gardening in Alberta. 

Hear one of Natasha’s interview’s (en français)


Trucs et astuces pour les apprenti-jardiniers urbains

Natasha will be providing a regular gardening column on Tuesday mornings.

Design Your Yard…Online!

It’s back! It’s online! Two instructors and your garden dreams. Visit the What’s Happening calendar for workshop dates and times.

Design the yard of your dreams. This is a great do it yourself project. Learn about the micro-climates, drainage and sunlight characteristics in your yard and create a plan that you can implement—in stages or one big project, with or without help! It will be beautiful, functional for you by you.

The workshop is delivered using Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows participants to easily see course materials presented and speak and interact with the instructor and classmates from the comfort of their homes—almost like being in the same room!

See the What’s Happening Calendar for the September workshop.

City of Calgary Logo

This workshop is sponsored by the City of Calgary.

Watch our Design Your Yard Ad

Programs at the Society.

Did you know …
Summer time is garden time! The Society changes its programming for the summer. Returning in June (online) from a garden, is Conversations in the Garden and Garden Coaching. We will also be continuing the What’s Happening at Your Local Garden Centre YouTube videos and video tours of Calgary gardens. Watch this e-news for schedule announcements or visit the What’s Happening calendar on

Please continue in your efforts to keep well, visit the Alberta Health Services site to get and stay informed and take precautions if you become symptomatic, stay home and call 8-1-1.

Looking for a gift that gives year-round? Give the gift of Society membership.

Purchase online, come to the office or call 403.287.3469—join us in Gardening for Life! and spread the benefits of membership.

Record your plan for the new growing season in the Society’s The Growing Journal.

The Growing is Journal is almost sold out. Call the office at 403.287.3469 to purchase ($20) your copy of The Growing Journal. The Society’s journal is a terrific tool to help keep track of your planning and the activity in the garden. The pages are not dated, so you can journal at your own pace, without the stress of finishing an annual diary. It’s a great gift for a gardener on any occasion! Purchase this gardening resource and support the Society. Note: We cannot mail the journal, but you may call the office at 403.287.3469 and arrange for contactless pick up.

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