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Fall is Learning Season at the Society.

We’re preparing for a new class of Master Gardeners. Registration is open. There still a few spots left in the 2023–24 class. The program is great for gardeners wanting to take their gardening knowledge to the next level and share what they learn with their community. Apply today!

The Master Gardener program is perfect for those interested in learning more about the art and science of gardening such as botany, plant care, propagation, pest and weed management, sustainable gardening techniques, basic garden design and more. It is both theoretical and practical, taught by horticulturists, experienced practitioners and industry experts. Participants are encouraged to work together as a group in order to enhance knowledge and to solve problems. Different perspectives enrich the discussions and the learning experience. This non-credit program is designed to train volunteers who then can share their knowledge in the community.

This year’s program is offered in person and online on Saturdays starting October 28. Get more information by visiting the Master Gardener menu on the homepage.

Concerned about going back to school? Take the recommended prerequisites Garden Fundamentals On Demand to build your knowledge before starting the program.

Frankie Flowers: Wacky World of Gardening Member Talk

The Member Talk was recorded an is available on the Member Talk page until October 1. The talk was offered in partnership with Spruce It Up Garden Centres.

Banner for Spring Plant Share 2022

Fall Plant Share was September 9—Thanks!

It was a fantastic day for the the Fall Plant Share and Garlic Exchange! Beautiful weather, lots of plants, and several varieties of garlic to choose from. Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you next May at our Spring Plant Share.

Remember, members can still share plants using our online tools:

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Thank You!

This year the Society engaged in aboriginal awareness training and offered two workshops, “Indigenous Horticulture: Past, Present, Future” and “Blackfoot Land-based Teaching with Elder Grant Little Mustache”. This project work received funding from the Government of Alberta. Thank you for the support.

Seed to Table banner image for A circular economy journey

Seed To Table.

Seed to Table is a new programming series for the Society. Talks and workshops offered under the Seed To Table banner are free or low cost. It is a circular economy initiative focussed on low-input growing following each of the steps in a gardening journey, targetting waste reduction. Learn how food comes full circle from the seed to your plate and how your garden can (more) fully provide from planting to preparing and preserving. The classes and resources in this initiative will help you to:

  • Become increasingly self-sufficient
  • Save money
  • Reduce waste

Back for Fall—Get Your Plan in Garden Place.

Design Your Yard Workshop

There is one Design Your Yard Workshop scheduled for this fall. It is on Thursday evenings, November 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm at the Crestmont Hall (12400 Crestmont Blvd SW). See the What’s Happening Calendar for details and to register.

Two instructors and your garden dreams. The workshop is four sessions as many participants have asked for more time to share their plans and ask questions about their plant selection. The fourth class is dedicated to sharing and Q&A.

Design the yard of your dreams. This is a great do it yourself project. Learn about the micro-climates, drainage and sunlight characteristics in your yard and create a plan that you can implement—in stages or one big project, with or without help! It will be beautiful, functional for you by you.

City of Calgary Logo

This workshop is offered in partnership with The City of Calgary.

Seed to Table—more talks for fall!

We’re excited to be the recipient of funding from the The City of Calgary’s Circular Economy Initiatives grant. This funding support our new Seed to Table program. Under this program will be offering classes at no or low cost to participants. What the What’s Happening calendar for classes highlighted in blue. The name of classes falling under this program all start with Seed to Table: … The focus of the program it to help gardeners make the most of their food gardens, reduce the inputs to successful growing, and to reduce garden waste. What our Resources page for information and resources.

New Corporate and Affiliate Members

When we have new corporate or affiliate they will be listed here. If the spot does not have a name, then we have not recruited a new member. Learn more about them by visiting the Friends of the Society directory under the Membership menu.

Gifts for Gardeners.

Regardless of the occasion, a Society membership makes a great gift.

Society Membership

Gardening makes us better people. We nurture the soil, grow plants, and share our bounty. We gain benefits of well-being, giving back to the environment, and creating places of beauty for our family, friends, and neighbours. A Society membership helps you do this and offers:

12 months of garden learning, member connections, classes, and events
11 Q&A programs engaging experts to answer your indoor and outdoor gardening questions
10% discount (or more); membership = savings
9 months of indoor learning
8 Member Talks and 8 issues of Calgary Gardening magazine
7 approaches to learning for all gardeners: hands-on, Zoom online, video on demand, make-and-take, question and answer, hybrid video and instructor led, and tours
6 gardening umbrellas to tap your interests: planning, flora, fauna, soil, creative, and harvest
5 Open Gardens tour dates; see what grows in Calgary
4 months of in-the-garden activities
3 ways to share plants and seeds: in-person Plant Shares, Facebook Plant Share Group, and Members’ Forum Plant Share topic
2 key signature events for learning, networking, and connecting our gardening community
1 Bring a Friend! Share your member and gardening experience and learn together

Throughout the year, the Society grows membership value. Share your love of gardening by purchasing a Society membership. Memberships are only $55/yr ($35 for seniors). 

Help us grow our gardening community. Visit Membership on the Society’s website for more information or to purchase a membership. You can also purchase gift memberships by calling the office (403.287.3469) and speaking with Gail.

Tea for Two Banner with tea cup, Easter Cactus flower, perennial cushion spurge, and apple tree blossom

Use our online tools to share plants.

Our online plant sharing tools are available for use year-round. If you have plants or seeds to share, please use our Facebook Plant Share Group or Plant Share forum.

Programs at the Society.

Did you know …
Winter program are about developing growing skills, engaging with other gardeners, and having some fun together. See the What’s Happening calendar for information about classes. We have in-person and online offerings.

Please continue in your efforts to keep well, visit the Alberta Health Services site to get and stay informed and take precautions if you become symptomatic, stay home and call 8-1-1.

Record your plan for the new growing season in the Society’s The Growing Journal.

The second edition of The Growing Journal has been printed. Call the office at 403.287.3469 to purchase ($25) your copy. The Society’s journal is a terrific tool to help keep track of your planning and the activity in the garden. The pages are not dated, so you can journal at your own pace, without the stress of finishing an annual diary. It’s a great gift for a gardener on any occasion! Purchase this gardening resource and support the Society. Note: We cannot mail the journal, but you may call the office at 403.287.3469 and arrange for pick up.

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