Class Objective

Learn how to plan and design a smart yard.

What is YardSmart?

YardSmart is a program run by the city of Calgary that encourges individulas to plan and create water efficient yards that support a wide variety of plants, native vegetation, and trees and shrubs. A “smart” yard is easy to maintain and is well suited to Calgary’s climate. In this module, you will learn how to plan and create a healthy and productive yard.

Teacher Resources

YardSmart Resources

Plan Your YardSmart Yard and Garden

YardSmart – Trees and Shrubs

Design for Full Sun

Design for Partial Sun 

Design for Shade  

Design for Wet Area  

Yard-Smart Partnerships

Design Your Yard Workshops 

Yard-Smart Contest

Be YardSmart 

Landscape Design

Landscape Design Tips for Beginners

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