Class Objective

Learn about soil health and preparation through a holistic and practical approach.

Unit Outline

Whose land are we on?

  • Land-based practices specific to Indigenous peoples living in and close to Calgary.
  • Learn about what it means to be respectful to the land based on Indigenous teachings.
  • How does Indigenous sovereignty relate back to soil and soil health?

Soil: Properties and Preparation

  • Learn about the qualities of healthy soil and how to treat soil based on needs.
  • Explore different settings of soil preparation: indoor, outdoor, container, urban gardening, house plants, and connect soil health back to previous lessons.

Class Activity

  • Go to the grounds and observe soil quality and health of the soil. Use terminology discussed in class to identify the quality of soil and what can be done to support it.

Class Assignment

  • Choose 3+ plants you have researched in your plant journal and find out what soil quality is needed for them to thrive.

Teacher Resources

Download PDF of Unit A6

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