Class Objective

Learn how to take care of house plants.

Unit Outline

Group Sharing:

  • (Discussion) Do you have house plants in your home? If yes, what is the name of the house plant? What do the leaves look like? How do you and/or your family take care of the plant? Which house plant is your favourite one and why?

House Plant Care

  • Commonly looked after house plants.
  • Components of care for looking after house plants.
  • Troubleshooting house plant issues.
  • Beginner friendly houseplants.

Class Assignment

  • Create a house plant care guide in your plant journal.
  • Alternative: Research house plant(s) that appeal to you and write in your journal what you learn about the plant.

Teacher Resources

House Plant Care

Houseplant 101:

Tips for Keeping Houseplant Healthy

House Plant Articles

Caring for Poinsettias

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