Class Objective

Determine classroom projects and goals through exploring class interest.

Unit Overview

Walk-through of Course Overview

  • Review the course overview with the class and create student-led projects.
  • Determine student’s interest and knowledge of Horticulture to shape projects.
  • Provide flexible options and goals for independent work and group projects.

Introduction to Plant Journals

  • Plant journals can be used in this course as a way for students to document personal progress, self-led interests, and to showcase projects and development. Plant journals can work as a place to build a portfolio if students are seeking to explore Horticulture as a career.
  • Provide examples of plant journals that encourage self-expression and creativity.

Class Assignment

  • Research one (or more) plant grown in Alberta and write in your plant journal anything interesting from your research. Be ready to share your findings with the class next week.

Teacher Resources

Project Suggestions

  • Plan a goal with a technical element or combines two or more subjects together.
  • Book Report: students choose book based on interests.
  • Introduce an awards program that celebrates interests and goals
  • Plan for end of course portfolio development and steps in between.

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