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Pulsatilla vulgaris (syn. Anemone pulsatilla ) 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Pasque-flower; prairie crocus

In early spring, silvery shoots rise from thick woody crowns. Large silky flower buds in feathery muffs race ahead of tufts of ferny leaves. Buds open to form deep starry cups of purple, mauve or lilac. The seed heads are like feathery plumes.

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Ulmus americana 0 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: American elm

Large shade or boulevard trees, mature American elm trees have an upright martini glass shape. Foliage turns a beautiful golden brown colour in the fall. Elms should only be pruned from October to April to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

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Fraxinus pennsylvanica 0 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Green ash

Green ash is widely used as a boulevard tree due to its adaptability and ease of maintenance. Medium-green compound leaves turn yellow in autumn. Female trees produce inconspicuous flowers and large numbers of tan-coloured samaras.

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Pinus mugo 0 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Mugo pine

A hardy evergreen shrub with two short, dark green needles to a bundle and a white ‘sock’ at the base of needles. Highly variable in size, from dwarf shrubs to large trees. Many named cultivars are available.

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