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Welcome to Perennial Plant of the Year

This page features the plants that have been designated the Perennial Plant of the Year (PPOY). The PPOY are display in chronological order from the current year’s designated plant to previously designate plants. The plants are selected by the Perennial Plant of the Year Committee. Each year, the committee considers many plants. Committee members are passionate about their plant nominations and ardent debates about which plant deserves the designation occur.

To be selected as Perennial Plant of the Year, the plant must meet all the criteria:

  • suitable and reliable in Calgary growing conditions
  • not overused
  • readily available in garden centres
  • reasonably affordable to purchase

The Perennial Plant of the Year is announced at the Society’s spring gardening season launching event.

Polygonatum biflorum var. commutatum 2019 Perennial Plant of the Year

Great Solomon's Seal
Common Name: Great Solomon’s seal

The delicate white flowers of the great Solomon’s seal bloom from late May to early June in Calgary, creating a spectacular show in any shade garden. Blue-black berries appear in the fall, and the plant turns a golden yellow in October. Clumps of this tall variety accent ferns and hostas and are excellent for cutting. Great Solomon’s seal is also deer and rabbit resistant and attractive to butterflies. Plants spread by rhizomes to form care-free colonies when in ideal growing conditions. When clumps are large enough, dividing may be done in early spring, just as the new growth emerges, or in early fall, before cold weather sets in. You won’t regret planting this showstopper.

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Gentiana acaulis 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Trumpet gentian

Trumpet gentian forms a low slow-spreading carpet of pointed green leaves bearing spectacular large up-facing blue flowers. Performs best in a rock garden where the roots can stay cool and moist. Can be a challenge to grow in Calgary.

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Persicaria polymorpha 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Giant fleeceflower

Giant fleeceflower is a spectacular, easy-care and long-blooming perennial. Masses of frothy white flowers cover the vase-shaped plant from June to August, fading to pinky beige in autumn. Leave  standing to provide winter interest, then cut stems back in early spring.

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Bergenia cordifolia 2016 Perennial Plant of the Year

Common Name: Bergenia

Bergenia (Bergenia cordifolia) is an extremely hardy and versatile plant. The large round leathery green leaves turn scarlet and purple as winter sets in. In spring the foliage comes back to life to set off clusters of small, scented pink, purple or white flowers in May.

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