City Compost Program for 2021

The City of Calgary is offering up to 10 cubic yards of Screened Category A compost to all community gardens in Calgary that can be used as a soil amendment for vegetable and flower beds. Please note this is separate from compost giveaway events for residents.

If your community garden is interested, please complete the community gardens compost request form and email form to both contacts on the request form.

Once the application has been received, a City representative will contact the community organization to schedule the pickup of the compost. Organizations are responsible for arranging a transport vehicle to pick up the compost from one of the following locations:

  • East Calgary Waste Management Facility – 3030 68 St SE
  • Spyhill Waste Management Facility – 11808 69 St NW

Please note:

  • Compost is loose, no bags or totes will be provided.
  • Limited quantities of compost are available.
  • Pickup location will be assigned by a City representative.

Loading Requirements:

  • Organizations picking up small volumes of compost in personal cars, trucks or trailers will need to bring their own shovels and containers/tarps for loading purposes.
  • Organizations picking up large volumes of compost can contract a tandem truck and request that The City of Calgary staff use a Wheeled-Loader or Skid Steer to load the compost.

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