Our mission is: “To strengthen and promote community gardening in Calgary by creating a network of resources, expertise and collaborative connections.”

We provide start-up assistance for new gardens and ongoing support for established gardens. When we started 17 years ago, there were less than 11 groups considering gardening and now there are more than 200 community gardens on public and private land.

Community Gardens is currently funded and supported by The City of Calgary Parks Division and TD Friends of the Environment as well as from donations from people like you. If you or your corporation would like to support our work with community gardens,  please contact us today.

There is so much going on in gardening in Calgary. Join us!

Email or call the office at 403.287.3469 ext. 2. One of the team will get back to you within a day or two.

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Benefits of a Community Garden

Here are some of the more commonly discussed benefits that we hear, including:

  • Fresh, pesticide-free produce
  • Meeting neighbors
  • Connecting children to nature
  • Affordably supplementing meals/nutrition
  • Adding beauty, inspiration and serenity to the neighbourhood
  • Increasing community pride
  • Contributing to a healthy ecosystem
  • Encouraging local biodiversity
  • Improving neighborhood safety and security
  • Reducing food transportation distances
  • Improving urban air quality
  • Filtering noise
  • Assisting storm water runoff absorption
  • Reducing personal use of the earth’s resources
  • Informal knowledge sharing and hands-on learning by doing
  • Reducing personal stress
  • Participating in outdoor physical activity
  • Re-entry activity during rehabilitation
  • Opportunities to barter and share seeds, garden care, produce, stories and recipes
  • Creating a community hub that welcomes people of all ages, ability or life experience.

As you can see, there are many reasons to start a community garden. The key to a successful garden is understanding what everyone wants to get out of their experience.

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