With the gardening season winding down, the Society is suspending the “Ask a Gardener” service. It will be available again in 2021 with the start of the active gardening season. Until then, check our Gardening FAQs page as you may discover the answer to your question posted there. The Ask an Expert service is available to Society members year-round. You can find Ask an Expert by logging into the Members Only section of the website.

We are working through the inquiries that have been submitted and will respond to those questions.

When Ask a Gardener is relaunched next year, we plan to have a larger group of volunteers supporting the service and are looking for people with a strong knowledge of trees and their pests, and general entomology. If you know someone who would enjoy volunteering, please have them contact us by email: office@calhort.org.

Note: the Society does not make specific service provider or garden centre recommendations. We do recommend that you support Calgary’s local businesses. If you are looking for a place to start, visit our Friends of the Society web page. Please do your due diligence to ensure that the business best suits your requirements before hiring any service provider.

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