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The Beauty of Sharing – Finalist Selection Starts Tuesday!

The theme for the Gardeners’ Market photo contest is “The Beauty of Sharing”. Has your garden grown because someone shared a plant with you? Do you have a plant that you like to share? Enter our contest by submitting a photo that captures “The Beauty of Sharing”. It can be places you like to visit with others: gardens, garden ornaments, garden plants (flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs) garden visitors (bugs, birds, and wildlife in the garden), gardening tools and gardeners. The options are endless and all are welcome entries if they come with a sharing story.

The contest is moving into the online finalist voting stage. Check back on Tuesday, April 16 to view the gallery and entries and choose your favourites. Five of these photos will be displayed at the Gardeners’ Market at The Commons in ATCO Park. Attendees of the Market will cast votes to selected the contest winner.

The contest winner will receive a fabulous prize package.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We are no longer accepting submissions to the contest.

Rules and Conditions 

Photos must be the work of the contest entrant. If there are people in your photo, be sure to have permission to use their image before submitting the photograph in this contest.  If more than three photos are submitted, the Society reserves the right to choose which photos are excluded from the contest without consulting the photographer.

Prize winners must be able to come by the Society office at 2725 33 Avenue SW Calgary AB (Richmond Green Park) to pick up their prize. Any prize not collected by May 31 will be returned to the Calgary Horticultural Society (Society) and considered the property of the Society.

The Society reserves the right to stop accepting submissions at any time and can remove a photo from the competition if it is deemed to not reflect the positive intent of the contest to promote gardening, gardens, and plants, for example. 

Contest details are subject to change without notice. 

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