This page is full of resources to help you maximise your effectiveness as virtual presenter or session host. Click on the hyperlinked topics to further explore the subject.

Module Listing

Online Presence1Introduction & Zoom profileAll
Online Presence2BackgroundsAll
Online Presence3Framing, eye contact, lightingAll
Online Presence4Distractions & internet speedAll
Host/Moderator Duties5OverviewHosts
Host/Moderator Duties6Zoom Walk-ThroughHosts
General – Zoom Tools7Screen sharingHosts, Presenters
General – Zoom Tools8Chat & ReactionsHosts, Presenters
General – Zoom Tools9PollsHosts, Presenters
General – Zoom Tools10View optionsHosts, Presenters
General – Materials11Introduction, slide & text formatPresenters
General – Materials12Image basicsPresenters
General – Materials13Image adjustmentsPresenters
General – Materials14Design, organization, contentPresenters
Delivery strategy16Delivery strategyPresenters
Audience engagement – overview17Audience engagement – overviewPresenters
Course delivery18Audience engagementInstructors, Hosts
Course delivery19AnnotationsInstructors, Hosts
Course delivery20White Boards & Breakout RoomsInstructors, Hosts
Course delivery21Online collaboration toolsInstructors
ExtraBandwidth, Data and ResolutionAll

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