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Master Gardener Evaluation 2022-23

  • Jennifer Hoglin – Climate, Mulch, Sustainable gardening, IPM Michelle Edworthy – Soil physics Mike Dorion – soil biology Carmen Lamoureaux – compost Pat Bulman – Taxonomy Patricia Stooke – Botany Ann van de Reep – Plant Group Profiles, Ornamental Bed Design Angela Perigo- Houseplants Kath Smyth – irrigation, veggies Nathan Gill – Lawn Care Matt Davis – Tree Care Elaine Rude – Non-Insect Pests, Herbs, Propagation Stacey Laursen – Greenhouses Ken Fry – Insects Brandon Gartley – Pathology Jane Reksten – Communications & Design Latifa Pelletier Ahmed – Native Plants Catherine Dowdell – Food Forests (Fruit)

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