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The small businesses and local vendors that are participating in our event would appreciate your support. If you are planning to plant garlic and require seed or supplies, or are looking for guidance on growing or using garlic, please shop local and consider these vendors.

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The vendor’s name in the list below is linked to their website. Scroll down the page to learn more about their business and the services and products that they offer.

Anything Grows
ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen
Barheide Ranch
Forage and Farm
Gooseberry Gardens
Light Cellar
Paintbrush Garden Design and Consulting
Parkland Peonies (4 Green Thumbs)
YYC Growers

Anything Grows

Anything Grows is Cochrane’s and West Calgary’s Garden Center for all seasons, and has been voted Cochrane’s best garden center 7 years in a row. Our in-house plant experts are here to help you garden successfully indoors and out. You’ll find everything you need from prairie hardy trees & shrubs, perennials & annuals, houseplants, rare plants, tools, soils, pots and more. Visit our Tropical House for beautiful houseplants, furniture and home decor. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for daily plant pictures, plant info, advice, and updates! 

Visit us in Cochrane or online at anythinggrowsalberta.com

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen

ATCO Blue Flame kitchen conducts online classes and can teach you how to cook, no matter your age. Visit the website for more details on their classes. 

Barheide Ranch

Barheide Ranch is located 30 minutes northeast of Calgary. The ranch is a mixed operation raising grass-fed lamb as well as growing garlic. Alex, the garden manager at Barheide Ranch, has been growing garlic on the ranch for 3 years. This past year he harvested more than 20 different varieties, including both softneck and hardneck. The current favorite on the ranch is Mennonite Porcelain. This variety is very consistent in producing 4–5 large cloves and bulbs in 2.5–3 inch size. 

Follow the links on barheideranch.com to order garlic.

Forage and Farm

Forage & Farm specializes in growing a variety of gourmet hardneck garlic, Black Garlic (winner of the Made in Alberta Awards),  craft Pestos and hosts Homesteading classes. It is a regenerative farm based on permaculture principals. Our Farm is located just East of the Rocky Mountains in the beautiful foothills of Alberta, Canada.

We practice permaculture principals and try to be the change we want to see in the world. We strive to be ethical stewards of the land on which we grow sustainable food and nourish our loved ones. Farming allows us to get our hands in the soil, connect with the earth and cultivate resilience. Our goal is to live a lifestyle that provides a happy and experientially rich environment for our children and leave them with a legacy of being skillful, soulful, responsible humans living in harmony on the planet.

Our Garlic:

Our farm specializes in growing a variety of hardneck garlic, saving seed from previous years to grow a truly locally acclimatized garlic. Our climate is wonderfully suited to grow a variety of organic and flavourful hardneck garlics.  We specialize in growing high quality seed stock garlic as well as gourmet culinary garlic. Our crop is tested annually to ensure we are free of diseases that often inflict garlic fields. Everything is  planted, weeded, harvested and cleaned by hand.

Visit the website: forageandfarm.com for more information. 

​Gooseberry Gardens

Inspiring you to grow nutritious, beautiful, low maintenance fruits and veggies in whatever space you call home.

​This is the place to come if you want to learn how to grow in a cold climate. And I mean really cold. Like western Canadian prairies cold.

Welcome to gooseberrygardens.ca.

Light Cellar

Light Cellar is a place where you can find & learn how to craft your own food and medicine. The Light Cellar has grown into a community hub, by providing access to a unique and diverse spectrum of the highest quality superfoods and herbs, medicinal mushrooms, ferments, heirloom chocolate, as well as superfood treats and elixirs. 

You can also take classes to enjoy empowering educational experiences to your enlighten culinary abilities and expand your perspectives about food and nutrition. Topics range from developing skill sets such as fermentation, elixir crafting, and chocolate making to helping with specific health issues like balancing hormones, improving gut health and immunity.

You can visit the store in Bowness as well as connect with them online at lightcellar.ca and learn how to upgrade your health in fun and easy ways with superfoods through all their free content IG, Facebook and YouTube. 

Paintbrush Garden Design and Consulting

Elaine Rude is an avid gardener, very aware of the challenges we face gardening in the Chinook Zone. However, she truly believes that it is possible to create fabulous gardens if we work with our site. Our properties are as individual as we are and so our landscapes should meet the needs and conditions of the site as well as the owners.  

Learn more at Luv2garden.ca

Parkland Peonies

Garlic is an important part of our cuisine because of its intense flavor, taste and health benefits. It definitely complements many types of food. 

The taste of homegrown or local garlic is far more flavorful than commercial garlic purchased from Asian markets. Our specialization is hardneck garlic that performs well in our climate zone. When we started our garlic trials in 2015, we had more than 40 different varieties. Later on we selected 2 varieties that do exceptionally well year after year: these varieties have qualities of great vigor, large bulb size, winter hardiness, disease-resistance, and most of all – superior taste. 

We hope that you will enjoy our garlic as much as we enjoy growing it. 
As we say on the farm, “This is what garlic should taste like”. 

You can order Garlic from our website:  https://parklandpeonies.com/product-category/garlic/

YYC Growers

YYC Growers is a farm owned cooperative that was established in 2014.

YYC Growers first came together through a love of growing healthy, nutritious food in and around the city, but our belief in food security, accessibility, and concern for land management practices, is what continues to drive us. We are composed of fifteen urban and rural farmers in the City of Calgary and surrounding area.

Each of our member farms are very different from each other. Whether one grows on small urban plots and another on acres of rural land, or one grows in large greenhouses and another in aquaponics, they all play an important role in the Calgary community and in supporting each other.

In big and small ways, YYC Growers contributes to the physical well-being, mental wellness, increased vitality, and energy of its community. We seek to build a bridge between grower and consumer, between rural and urban.

When you choose to purchase your food from YYC Growers and our member farms, you are inviting us into your home, where your family shares its meals. Magic happens in a food system when the consumer knows the farmer who grew their food. In fact, many of our customers see their farmer weekly. Can a food supply chain get more personal than that? Join us today by subscribing to your own harvest box.

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