What gift do you get for the gardener in your life?

Society Membership Package

Membership is the gift that have value all year long. Package a membership with a Society calendar so the new member can make note of up-coming Society events. Include a journal to help them on their great gardening journey by giving them somewhere to record their plans and how they unfold.

Email office@calhort.org to make arrangements for purchasing a gift package.

That’s a question we asked our corporate and affiliate members and these are their answers.

Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden

Is there a gardener in your life impatiently waiting for spring? Gardening year-round with hydroponics is easy with our Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden! This kit comes with everything they will need to grow fresh veggies at home year-round. It also makes a great activity for children to participate in while on winter break!

With this kit, anyone can easily grow fresh herbs and greens. It also works well for growing micro-dwarf tomatoes and even strawberries. Visit the Gecko Grow website (geckogrow.ca) for more information, produce details, and to purchase the garden. It’s only $22.

Society members, visit the Coupon Code page in the Members Only area for a code to receive 10% off your purchase.

E-gift Card

E-Gift Card to ALCLA Native Plants products.

Give the gift of biodiversity with an ALCLA Native Plants gift card. These e-gift cards are good to use with any of the company’s products. The gardener can visit the ALCLA Native Plants website to view the seeds, plants, or services available for use with the e-gift card. It can be purchased in any dollar value … making it great for all holiday budgets.

Gift Card for Fungi Akuafo

Looking for something new for the gardener who seems to have it all? Consider a gift of fungi with a gift card from Fungi Akuafo! Gift cards can be used to purchase all products on our website from mushroom spawn to workshops and are delivered by email. Happy Holidays!

Cards can be purchase in set amounts from $15 to $100.

Visit the Fungi Akuafo website (fungiakuafo.com) to purchase.

Sunblaster Nanodome Kit with LED Grow Lights

Help the gardener in your life get a head start on their seedlings with this kit! This Nanodome kit includes a growers tray, humidity dome with vents AND an 18″ Prismatic Sunblaster LED light strip. This ‘mini greenhouse’ works perfectly for any home, offering excellent climate control in a small space. In addition to seedlings, Nanodome is ideal for rooting houseplant cuttings. Sale priced at $98.

To order, or browse more gift ideas, visit the Anything Grows website (anythinggrowsalberta.com)

Deep Water Culture Hydro Bucket Kit

The 5-gallon bucket Grow Pharm systems allow both the experienced and inexperienced grower to grow their own food with ease. All parts are included in this kit, creating a true plug-n-play system. Capable of expansion, you can add on to your collection of buckets including cloning stations, multiple plants, and single plant combinations. Filling and draining make this system easy no matter how many buckets are in your collection. Deep water culture systems allow for maximum amounts of oxygenation in the root zone, optimizing growth potential. Whether growing for yourself or expanded for a complete family garden, Grow Pharm Hydro Buckets are an affordable, convenient, and versatile solution for any grower.

Visit the the Incredigrow website (incredigrow.ca) to purchase. Pharm kits are $55–$90.

Society members, visit the Coupon Code page in the Members Only area for a code to receive 10% off products over the holidays.


Good soil is the foundation of any successful garden. It is no secret that hemp is a plant that boasts abundant industrial and nutritive properties.  Hemp Pak is the only all-purpose, premium, soil enrichment made from hemp. Provides natural aeration to plants and lawns, decreases compaction and provides optimal water retention and is rich in bio-nutrients. Enriches the soil condition to help plants and lawns thrive. Reduces frequency of watering and combats evaporation in dry conditions.

Visit the HEMPALTA website (hempalta.com) to purchase. It’s only $9.95 for a 1.36 kg bag.

Society members, visit the Coupon Code page in the Members Only area for a code to receive 10% off your purchase.


Membership to the Calgary Rose Society would be great for a gardening who loves rose or who would like to grow roses. It’s only $20 for adults with special pricing for seniors, families, and youth. You can purchase the membership online.

Indoor Mushroom Grow Kits by The Basil Ranch

Grow your own mushrooms indoors: lion’s mane, blue oyster, and pink oyster varieties are available. The grow kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and packaging conducive to easy-care growing. The kit can flush (sprout) multiple times as long as it is cared for properly.

Visit the the Highfield Farm website (highfieldfarm.ca) to purchase. Kits are $32–$35. Why not add some fun stickers, too!

Raised Bed Garden Kit

Garden kits come in two sizes 3×3 or 3×6 and are perfect for someone who wants to start gardening or add more beds. A Doug Garden kit arrives with everything you need for a raised garden, simple instructions and will require no-tools to get growing—delivered to your door! Kits ordered now are delivered in May. Recipients of December gift kits will be delivered a replica box a gift card inside. Already have garden beds? Sign up for Doug’s Soil Nourishing Subscription.

For more information and to order, visit the DOUG website (growdoug.ca).

Society members, visit the Coupon Code page in the Members Only area for a code to receive 15% off your purchase.

Earthy Matters Worm Castings

Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret. earthworm castings (vermicast) are an excellent all natural plant food and soil mender.  These castings, or manure from the worms are full of easy to absorb nutrients for your plants helping strengthen plant root, aid in moisture retention and aeration are odorless and non-toxic and safe to use on all INDOOR and OUTDOOR plants. Visit the Living Soil Solutions website (livingsoil.ca) and shop for this garden gold.

Log in to the Members Only area and visit the Coupon Code page for a 40% of coupon code (excludes worms).

More suggestions from the December Member Talk

An Experience

  • Coffee party with gardening friends to discuss plans for next year’s garden
  • Use your Bring a Friend benefit and register a friend for a Society class to take together
  • Give the gift of time: help others with their garden


  • Home made ornament of dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, and anise seed stars
  • Beautifully bundled garlic
  • Herb bundles
  • Found object art decorated with succulent or air plants
  • Small fountain or water feature
  • Heated bird bath
  • Bird bath heater
  • Heated dog water dish (for the birds)
  • Bird feeder (caged to limit squirrel and deer access)
  • Garden bench
  • Garden art (Bowl with collected stones; great for providing a water source for pollinators)


  • Gardening gloves, light weight, large package
  • Cooling bandana
  • Rubber boots
  • Knee pads
  • A gardening tote to carry all the hand tools and tidbits
  • Salves made with garden herbs and olive and/or bees wax


  • Bobcat skid steer
  • Chopsticks and straws
  • Bucket Jockey: utility belt/apron that fits a 5 gal bucket
  • Indoor Outdoor thermometer and humidity gauge with separate sensors (3)
  • Orbit b-hyve water management systme (irrigation controller that can be managed by a cell phone)
  • Tool sharpener for pruners
  • Quality trowel that won’t break under pressure (digging in clay soil)
  • Hygrometer (humidity gauge)
  • Fade resistant markers/paint pens
  • Hand-held microscope
  • Diamond drill bit for making drainage holes in decorative ceramic pots or bowls
  • Garden netting for hail and pest protection
  • Pruners that have a rotating grip that are easier on the hand when force is required (Felco 7 for example)
  • Gardening stool for sitting, leaning over to reach into a bed without stepping on kneeling on the plants, and assisting in lifting one’s self up after working in the garden
  • Herb scissors
  • Grow light
  • DIY soil testing kit
  • Garden sink (to wash plants and veggies at a comfortable height outside)
  • Counter top garden (a hydroponic system such as the kracky mason jar)
  • Gardeners are often building so a box of screws


  • Books and magazines:
    • The Prairie Gardener’s Go To for … book series by Janet Melrose and Sheryl Normandeau
    • The Prairie Garden for Small Spaces
    • The Gardener for Canadian Climates magazine
    • Growing Roses in Calgary by The Calgary Rose Society
    • Little Books on Bees series by ABC Bees
    • Gardening history or heritage book
  • Gardening group membership (local/specialty)
    • Calgary Horticultural Society membership
    • Edmonton Horticultural Society Membership
    • Calgary Rose Society
    • Calgary Rock and Alpine Garden Society (CRAGS)
    • Canadian Peony Society
    • Alberta Regional Lily Society
    • Foothills Orchid Society
    • Stampede City African Violet Society
    • Alberta Dahlia and Gladiolus Society


  • Load of mulch or soil for spring delivery (many bulk suppliers are offering special promotions now)
  • Plants with roots
  • Gift card to a local garden centre
  • Gift card to a hardware store towards purchase of materials for building garden boxes, stepping stones, etc.

    Where to find these gifts

    See our Friends of the Society Directory for local businesses that provide gardening goods and services. While not currently a direct supporter of the Society, Lee Valley Tools has many specialty gardening products. Whenever possible, please support local businesses.

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