Where Do We Start?

In Calgary, most community gardens are established in partnership with The City of Calgary Parks and community-based organizations on public land, so start with the three main players involved.

  1. First, read through and view the resources available on our Community Gardens pages.
  2. Next, contact your local community association.
  3. Read up on the application checklist and the FAQ  on the City of Calgary community garden webpage.
  4. Contact The City of Calgary Parks Community Strategist staff member for your neighbourhood:
    1. North West (Ward 1, 24), Guy Beavers – guy.beavers@calgary.ca
    2. South West, (Ward 6, 9, 11), John Merriman – john.merriman@calgary.ca
    3. South East (Ward 12, 13, 14), Pam Taylor – pam.taylor@calgary.ca
    4. North East ( Ward 3, 5, 10), Chris Hicks – chris.hicks@calgary.ca
    5. Centre City (Ward 7, 8), Kathleen Maddan – kathleen.maddan@calgary.ca
  5. Each year The City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services makes some green bin program compost available to community gardens. You must load and transport the compost yourselves after getting an appointment. Visit the Compost for Community Gardens page for more information.

School Gardens

If you are interested in starting a school food garden you will find the following sources helpful:

Fruit Trees

If you are interested in having a fruit orchard as part of your community garden, contact your Calgary Parks Community Strategist for information. The contact information is listed in point 4 above.

Handbook for Community Gardens

Alberta Health Services has a handbook for community groups interested in starting a community garden:

Society Contact

Contact us at the Calgary Horticultural Society if you require additional advice.

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