Looking for ways to support your community garden? Many organizations recognize the value of community gardens, so there are a lot of grants available. We’ve developed a list to get you started.

Know of a funding source that’s not listed here? Send an email and we’ll get it posted.

Community Gardens is a long-term project of the Calgary Horticultural Society that is supported by staff and volunteers.

The Calgary Horticultural Society is a charitable organization that issues tax receipts for all donations of $20 or more. It is through kind donors and sponsors that this project continues to thrive in Calgary, so please donate now.

As a community gardener, how can you help?

If you are a community gardener and enjoy the support your garden receives from the Community Gardens, we invite you to support us and join the Society,  not only will your gardening experience be enhanced by our member benefits, you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve supported a historical gardening organization that promotes all levels of gardening in Calgary.

Your support by joining the Society will help to ensure the Community Gardens is a sustainable project that will be able to continue to help community gardens ‘grow’ for years to come. Join us now.

Interested in sponsoring? Unique opportunities are available to individuals and corporations wishing to support Calgary’s gardening community.

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