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9:00 am Welcome

Natasha Guillot is the Calgary Horticultural Society’s Executive Director. She joined the staff of the Society one year ago, and is leading the 112-year-old charitable and not-for-profit organization forward. Her brief presentation is an introduction to the Society and a welcome to our Day of Learning.

9:30 Garlic Myths, Lore, and Tips

Kath Smyth is the Society’s horticulturist. Kath has extensive experience in the horticultural industry. She brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations, and client consultations. She is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening success. Listen for Kath on CBC radio—both the Eyeopener and Alberta at Noon. Watch for her regular morning appearances on Global News Calgary.

Zoe Crandall is a new face at the Society. She is the energetic presenter in the Society’s upcoming Greatest Gardener of All Time video project. Zoe is a landscape architecture student with a special interest in environmental reclamation, urban ecology, and sustainable design. She is enthusiastic about natural spaces which motivates her in her exploration of landscapes and ecology. She enjoys sharing her love for nature and sustainability in presentations, programs, and in her designs.

Their video will target a top ten list of popular myths, lore, and tips. What’s the connection between garlic and vampires anyway?

10:00 am Planting Growing, Harvesting, and Drying Garlic

In this video, Kath Smyth, the Society’s horticulturist, provides an overview on how to properly grow and harvest garlic using the garlic grown in the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen garden and the Society’s own teaching garden. A great video for the home or community gardener. (See 9:30 am for her bio.)

10:45 am Harvesting Garlic

Alex Heidebrecht, the Manager of Barheide Ranch, has been growing garlic on the ranch for 3 years.  This past year he harvested more than 20 different varieties, including both softneck and hardneck.  The current favorite on the ranch is Mennonite Porcelain. This variety is very consistent in producing 4–5 large cloves and bulbs in 2.5–3 inch size. Alex is presenting about when and how to harvest garlic, and methods used for drying.

To learn more about Barheide Ranch and purchasing their garlic, visit the Marketplace.

11:00 am Drying Garlic

Adam Yakabuski, of Parkland Peonies, grew 20,000 bulbs of garlic this year. In the video, he addresses important considerations for knowing when to harvest garlic. He also discusses what is required to create a proper drying environment to ensure the garlic keeps during storage. Adam also demonstrates how to select seed garlic.

To learn more about Adam’s business, Parkland Peonies, and to purchasing their garlic, visit the Marketplace.

11:15 am Fall Garlic Planting

Ty Heembrock, manager of Anything Grows, demonstrates proper garlic planting techniques. He share tips about what makes a good planting environment, proper clove orientation, and when to plant.

Anything Grows is Cochrane’s and West Calgary’s Garden Center for all seasons, and has been voted Cochrane’s best garden center 7 years in a row. Visit the Marketplace to learn more about Anything Grows.

11:40 am Live Q&A with Kath Smyth and Tom Martin

Have all your garlic questions answered! Join Kath Smyth and Tom Martin online while they chat garlic. Tom Martin is the Society’s Demonstration and Teaching Gardens Head Gardener. Each year, as he practice garlic crop rotation in the Society’s garden, he gains more insight into which varieties do well, and techniques for successful garlic growing. Use the chat window to enter your questions for Kath and Tom to answer. Note: you need to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see and use the chat window. Subscribe now.

Read the Society’s Garlic Fair brochure for information about some of the different types of garlic. The brochure also has definitions for common terms and offers growing tips. Download the PDF.

1:00 pm ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Live Cooking Demonstration

Come join this live session on YouTube with ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Chef Grant and learn how you can use garlic in a dessert. If you attended the Society’s Garlic Fair last year, you’ll know how surprisingly delicious garlic can be in a dessert!

ATCO Blue Flame kitchen conducts online classes and can teach you how to cook, no matter your age. Visit their website for more details on their classes.

ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen 

Visit our YouTube channel now.

2:30 pm Lacto Fermenting and Roasting Garlic

Elaine Rude is an avid gardener, very aware of the challenges we face gardening in the Chinook Zone. However, she truly believes that it is possible to create fabulous gardens if we work with our site. Our properties are as individual as we are and so our landscapes should meet the needs and conditions of the site, as well as the owners.  She enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of gardening through speaking, teaching and writing.  

In this video, Elaine demonstrates how to preserve garlic using a lacto fermentation technique. She also discusses different methods of roasting garlic.

To learn more about Elaine and her business, Paintbrush Garden Design and Consulting, visit the Marketplace.

2:45 pm Making Minced Garlic, Garlic Salt, and Garlic Butter

In this video, Jennifer Hoglin demonstrates how she makes these culinary treats—simple ways to use and preserve your garlic harvest.

Discover more about Jennifer and her business, Gooseberry Gardens, by visiting the Marketplace.

3:15 pm Making Honey Fermented Garlic

What does a lava lamp and honey garlic have in common? Watch Malcolm Saunders of the Light Cellar’s video to find out. In this video, he shares a simple recipe for making this flavourful food and discusses it’s storage and usage.

Light Cellar is a place where you can find and learn how to craft your own food and medicine. To learn more about the Light Cellar, visit the Marketplace.

3:45 pm Making Pickled Garlic Scapes

Rod Olson, of YYC Growers, shares his technique for preserving the flower stem of garlic, which is removed a few weeks before the plant is ready to harvest. Removing the scape helps the bulb mature. What this video to learn how to prepare these pickles.

To learn more about YYC Growers and what products they sell, visit the Marketplace.

4:00 pm How You Can Support the Calgary Horticultural Society

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our Day of Learning—Garlic Fair. Watch this video to learn more about what you can do to support us, so we can continue to offer programs, such as this Day of Learning. Join us!

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