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Garden Team Committees

Thank you to Mid-Sun Community Garden Team for sharing their plan for Garden Team Committee roles and the time involved in each role.

Sample from Mid-Sun Community Garden

Garden Team
2 hours per month for monthly meeting, additional hours as needed. 

 - Garden Team basically is the steering committee for the Garden.  As the Executive Branch of the Community Garden, their role is to plan, implement and oversee all garden activities, upkeep and care of the Garden.

 - Further, it is their responsibility to address the concerns of the membership.

 - Recruit and manage garden members.

 - Manage individual committees.


Garden Opening / Registration
3-5 volunteers for 4 hours with .5 hour per week

 - This group of volunteers is set up at the Garden for the first day of Registration, they hand out Welcome pamphlets, introduce garden members to each other and answer any questions from new members.

 - They collect payment, explain the volunteer duties of each member and ensure that each Gardener is aware of their responsibilities.

 - Assign plots.

 - Manage plot usage.

 - Restore abandoned plots.


2-3 hours per week

 - This group is responsible to ensure that all of the compost bins are turned and rotated.

 - Be prepared to show Gardeners how and when to use compost.

 - Keep the various compost piles damp, stirred and maintained.

 - Examine heaps for pest or animal problems.


Water Barrels
2-3 hours per week

 - Check and test the water supply.

 - Ensure taps and barrels are in good condition.

 - Maintain area in front of water barrels (address mud issues etc.)

 - Ensure hoses are hung properly and water is shut off when not in use.


Weeds / Berm / Beautification of Common Areas
1-3 hours per week

 - Coordinate the care and maintenance of common areas including berm area, paths, borders, common gardens, etc.

 - Coordinate and facilitate garden work days.

 - Monitor, report, and treat for pest problems.

 - Monitor and treat for weeds in common areas.


Communal Herb Garden
1-2 hours every other week

 - Weed and divide perennial herbs.

 - Cultivate herbs when needed.

 - Message Community Gardeners when herbs are plentiful by making announcements on message board.


Social / Outreach Team
3-5 hours per month

 - Schedule Saturday morning demonstrations / lessons.

 - Coordinate presenters.

 - Post topics at garden.

 - Meet with community leaders or those who can develop the Garden by association.

 - Develop and coordinate Garden and community events. eg. potlucks

 - Harvest party.


Tool  / Structure Maintenance
1-5 hours per month

 - Repair, purchase (or solicit donations for) structures, tools, equipment, benches, trellises, sheds and hoses etc.

 - Label tools and equipment with garden name.

 - Maintain current inventory of tools and equipment.

 - Regularly inspect tools, equipment and structures for needed repairs.

 - Make needed repairs.


2-3 hours per month

 - Coordinate with the Calgary Police Service representative who is in touch with the Community Association.

 - Receive complaints from Gardeners regarding theft, vandalism and keep incident logs.

 - Report complaints or situations to Calgary Police Service and the Community Association in a prompt and efficient manner.


Garden Advisors
as needed 1-3 hours per week / can be done by email

 - Store and distribute information about plants and gardening techniques.

 - Create a mentoring partnership pairing new Gardeners with experienced Gardeners.

 - Keep up with the latest gardening information.

 - Maintain an accessible library for Garden members.


Garden Closing / Annual Survey
5-10 volunteers for 2-4 hours

 - Ensure all plots have been emptied and debris removed.

 - Ensure all plots have been rototilled if required (some Gardeners plant over the winter) and have application of compost turned into the soil bed.

 - Ensure all compost beds have been secured for the winter.

 - Final clean-out of Community Garden shed.

 - Final check on all common areas to ensure mothing is left over the winter.

 - Ensure all tender plants in the berm and common areas are properly protected for the winter.

 - Ensure water is shut off and tanks / water barrels are emptied.

 - Store all garden equipment in the shed.