Come grow with us!

Nurture Your Team

Our successful Garden Team has:

1.  decided how to make decisions as a group and written it down. Here's a practice exercize.

2.  described in 2 sentences the different roles on the garden team. Click here for a sample of garden roles.

3. made a factsheet outlining how to run the garden in case we all win the lottery and leave town!  It grows out of The 3 C's of Low Stress Community Gardening.


4.  prepared a factsheet about our community garden to show potential donors what the garden is about.


5.  welcomed healthy debate and discussion with differing viewpoints  examined and explored instead of criticized and dismissed. 


6.  demonstrated respect for Individual differences of opinion.


7.  held a secret ballot for contentious garden issues.

8.  set up a simple appeal process that gardeners / residents can use when they would like decisions reconsidered.