Gardening for Life!

Basic Tool List

Gardeners bring their own hand tools for weeding and maintaining their rental plots.  Metal hand tools dig into the soil better and are more durable than plastic hand tools. 

Basic hand tools:

  -   regular trowel
  -   graduated  transplant trowel
  -   cultivator claw.

Here are the basic shared tools for the preparation and clean-up of a community garden.  We've obtained these tools from garage sales, donations from residents or purchased new:

  -   1 square-point spade

  -   2 round-point shovels, at least one of each of the 2 handle lengths (for short and tall gardeners)

  -  1-2 garden forks also called spading or digging forks (not pitchforks)

  -  2 steel tine rakes (called level head or bow rakes) used for levelling soil in beds.  Must have metal tines.

  -  1 fan rake (also called a leaf rake).  Metal fan preferred.

  -  2 hoes (1 traditional draw hoe which is flat and one triangular weeder or a claw-type weeder)

  -  1 wheelbarrow with medium to heavy capacity and a good front tire

  -  100 feet (minimum) of rubber hose and brass couplings with a lifetime warranty.  Minimum diameter is 5/8 inch.  A 3/4 inch diameter hose is recommended.

  -  1 water wand

  -   1 oscillating sprinkler with metal parts (not needed if in bed drip irrigation is used or wicking beds constructed)