Gardening for Life!


Costs Assumed by Individual Gardeners:
  • Seeds
  • Seedlings
  • Compost and soil after start-up year
  • Tomato cages and/or bean tepees
  • Gardening hand tools
  • Crop labels 

Costs Assumed by Garden

Start Up

Communications: Website, blog, Facebook or email accounts.

Site Preparation :  Levelling land and evaluating land drainage issues due to level of water table, low lying area, sloped area affecting runoff.

Sod removal:  Fees equipment rental and disposal OR

Sheet mulching materials:  Layers of newspaper or corrugated cardboard as weed barrier before layering compost, soil and footpath materials

Weed barrier:  Fabric / cardboard / layers of newspaper to line garden beds.

Water Access: Tie-in to existing City of Calgary irrigation line. (usually in the $5,000 in-kind services from the City of Calgary).

Water Storage: Barrels, hardware fittings and plastic piping.

Water Delivery: Drip irrigation within garden beds saves water

Soil: Yup, you need to budget for dirt, but not just any dirt. You want high quality topsoil mixed with compost.

Lumber & Hardware:  Either untreated spruce or cedar or plastic lumber.  Don't forget fittings such as screws, brackets, bolts, wooden cross braces.

Plastic edging: Nearby residents will appreciate this tidy touch for gardens using mounded earth beds.

Mulch for pathways: Read more about footpath mulch.

Garden tool storage: Horizontal chest or vertical shed plus lock

Seating area: Benches, picnic table, arbour, pergola for shade

Landscaping services:   Lawn mowing, grass trimming, tree pruning or other services the gardeners will not handle themselves.

Fencing for wildlife:  Materials and labour to create a barrier for rabbits, squirrels, voles, Richardson Ground Squirrels, deer, coyotes depending on your local wildlife.  Fencing cannot be set up to keep people away from gardens located on public land.

Trash and recycling bins:  Purchase the bins and arrange for removal of the contents.  

Basic first aid kit:  Plan to replenish it every year.

Onsite signage: Common signs include:

  • Name of garden with email address contact & how to join
  • Please Respect Our Garden: We're Growing Food for Families
  • Compost Greens Here
  • Compost Browns Here
  • Finished Compost: Do Not Add Anything
  • Tasting Garden: Pick Produce Here
  • Ready to Pick
  • Not Ripe Yet