Gardening for Life!

Sustainable Gardening Practices

Sustainable gardening practices are about:

  - Working with all aspects of nature when planning a garden.  Consider the wind, sun, site elevation, soil type and amount of shade  before you make plant choices.

  -   Integrating flower and vegetable gardens.

  -    Using companion planting.

  -    Capturing rainwater for flower gardens & conserving tap water.

  -    Using local materials in garden construction.

  -    Creating a habitat for wildlife (including insects).

  -    Placing mulch around plant roots to conserve moisture and inhibit weeds

  -    Rotating vegetable crops from year to year.

  -    Making new soil by composting.

  -    Weeding by hand.

  -    Doing as little digging as possible.  Instead add layers of compost & mulch.

  -    Using natural soil amendments such as compost.

  -    Enriching loosely packed soil with topsoil & compost.

  -   Cutting healthy but spent vegetable plants into the soil at the end of the season to decompose over the winter.