Gardening for Life!

Garden Team Members

Sustaining the Garden Team:
Membership in the garden will change.   Make it easy for new people to continue the garden with the knowledge of what plans made the garden a success last season.

Activity: List 3 things to be written down to make it easy for new people to be an active participant on the garden leadership team.




We welcome people to be part of the garden leadership team by:

1.   Maintaining a blog / web page that shows the basic structures & actions that make the garden happen behind the scenes

2.   listing who is on the garden leadership team & how the team works

3.   showing how decisions are made

4.   describing how a final decision is made in the event of tie votes

5.   explaining where the garden funding comes from

6.   recommending how to keep connected with funding groups

7.   advising how to maintain communication continuity with garden leaders and gardeners

8.   sharing how to refresh and sustain the relationship with the community association

9.   listing to what are the gardeners' goals for the future

10.  providing essential contacts

11.  introducing in-kind donors to one another and to the gardeners

12.  meeting garden allies and friends