Gardening for Life!

Garden Safety

Promote Garden Safety by posting the following in the garden:

  -    Wear gardening gloves & shoes to protect hands and feet.

  -     Be body aware.  Know who is near you when you are working and be aware what space they are moving into near your feet (children) or near middle space (people using walkers, wheelchairs or scooters).

  -     Keep a basic first aid kit up to date in the shed.

  -     Visit the garden only in daylight hours.

  -     Be aware of other gardeners who may need assistance.

  -     Know where the closest public washroom is located.

  -     Garden in early morning or late afternoon to avoid the extreme heat of the midday.

  -     Use sunscreen and wear a hat even on cloudy days.

  -     Bring and drink plenty of water.  Drink water before you are thirsty.

  -     Use covered rain barrels for watering flower gardens and remove any standing water to prevent insect populations from hatching.

  -     Use insect repellent as needed.

  -     Wash and cover skin injuries.

  -    Warm up the body's muscles before starting heavy work.

  -     Lift using your legs not your back.

  -     Change gardening positions often and stretch frequently.

  -     Work with other gardeners when lifting large loads or doing heavy tasks.

  -    Use the appropriate tool and keep tools in good repair.

  -    Wash all produce grown in the garden thoroughly before eating.