Gardening for Life!

Communicating with Neighbours

Make sure there are ways for all residents to follow the community garden's progress.

We've arranged for:

1.  Answering messages from a general email address set up for the community garden.

2.  Maintaining a blog for the garden with a link to community association web site.

3.  Sending in community garden news updates for the community newsletter.

4.  Posting info at the garden site in several languages spoken in the neighbourhood on how to join the garden and how much it costs to rent a garden space

5.  Offering to speak to local service clubs about the garden.  They have a mandate to serve the community and may be able to give volunteer labour and/or financial support.

6.   Distributing notices of upcoming gardeners' meetings.

7.   Inviting neighbourhood residents to an Open Garden afternoon.

8.   Updating garden profile information for the Find a Garden database on the Calgary Horticultural Society web site.