Gardening for Life!

Communicating with Gardeners

We advertise:

1.  Sign up dates for garden beds

2.  Spring garden cleanup date

3.  Gardening Coach visits

4.  Learning events for new gardeners (planting successful seed varieties, what to grow from seedlings, cool and hot weather crops, how to thin, weeding, getting the most out of your garden space, when to harvest)

5.  Planting days for shared garden beds

6.  Pathway maintenance socials

7.  Building project days

8.  Meet and greet gardening exchanges

9.  Weeding Wednesday Night socials

10. Water Buddy arrangements when you are away

11. Fall cleanup: sowing cover crops, adding compost, covers on bed to reduce soil erosion, putting gardens to bed for winter

12. Harvest celebration

13. Final date for gardens to be put to bed for the winter

We keep gardeners informed by:

1.  monthly article in the community newsletter

2.  monthly email notices to garden group members

3.  text messaging

4.  Facebook page

5.  blog

6.  weatherproof notice board in the garden

7.  The Garden Angel / Garden Hero's weekly garden log indicating what is ready to harvest and what needs to be done in the common areas of the garden

8. Summer Local Food Picnic

9. Winter Local Soup Lunch


Explain how things are done.

Be specific.  Every aspect of growing a food garden is completely new to many of the gardeners.  This could be their first experience growing food in Calgary's climate.  Check to see what they are aware of and what they currently understand.

This includes:

1.   how the garden bed waiting list works

2.   what is considered a pesticide / herbicide

3.   food sharing

4.  watering methods in early, mid and late season

5.  weeding tips and tricks

6.  composting (what goes into good soil and what does not make good soil!)

7.  harvesting.  (what does it look like when it is ready to eat!)

8.  putting a garden to bed at the end of the season