Gardening for Life!

Building Community

By Having Fun hosting:

  -  May and/or September plant exchanges

  -  March or November seed exchanges

  -   Seed Planting Sundays (with several experienced gardeners available to give new gardeners tips and guidance)

  -  Seedling and Transplanting Saturdays

  -  Weedy Wednesday Socials

  -  Full Moon Potluck Picnic

  -  Spring Seed Watering Social

  -  Summer Solstice Garden Drop-in

  -  Bike Tour of nearby Community Gardens

 -   Acoustic music jamming times

  -  Drawing, painting and photography gatherings

  -  Yoga sessions

  -  Deep Summer Watering Social

  -  Storytelling afternoon

  -  Tai Chi Morning Practice

  -  Outdoor Chess and Checkers gatherings

  -  Wintertime Local food potluck lunch or supper

  -  Making Birdhouses , Bird feeders and Mason Bee Boxes

  -  Host a Calgary Horticultural Society workshop in the local community hall

  -  Go as a group to the Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show in April

  -  ESL (English as a Second Language) Garden Conversation Practice

There are endless possibilities!