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Food Philanthropy

Sharing the Crops: Encouraging Food Philanthropy

Sometimes the idea of sharing food is new to people who expect to rent a garden bed.  Nature tends to produce more than you expect! 

Introduce community garden food sharing by:

1.   Having a group planting date and time to set up the Tasting Gardens in the spring.  All of the produce grown in these garden beds will be shared with people other than community gardeners.

2.   Having a discussion with gardeners every year to choose the crops to be planted, cared for and shared with people other than the community gardeners.

3.   Asking gardeners to suggest where the produce gifts from the shared gardens will be donated each year.

4.   Including in the Gardener's Agreement the guideline that all gardeners spend 15 minutes per week caring for the Tasting Gardens.

5.   Posting instructions on what to do in the Tasting Garden bed so new gardeners can learn how to maintain the crop also.

6.  Marking Tasting Gardens with signs when crops are "Not Ready to Pick and Eat" and "Ready to Pick and Eat".

7.  Contacting our neighbourhood local group homes for people with disabilities, seniors affordable housing, emergency shelters for people coming out of domestic violence or homelessness, food banks, halfway houses for people in recovery.

8. Asking the cook in these locations what amount  and kind of produce that will be helpful.

9.  Contacting the Community Garden Resource Network for names of organizations connecting with families in need of fresh food when we are unsure where to start.