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Establish Guidelines

Making Expectations Clear

Setting up garden guidelines helps everyone understand what is expected of them and will help ensure the garden is kept in good condition.

The content of the Garden Guidelines will depend on the site, nature of the garden and choices made by the garden team.

Consistency and repetition will help ensure the guidelines are understood and respected by gardeners.  We suggest you:

  • Include the guidelines in the gardening agreement and have gardeners sign off on them every year when they pay their garden plot fees. 
  • Post a weatherproof copy at the garden.
  • Share a copy on the website.  
Relationship with the Community Association

Most community gardens in Calgary are built on land leased through the community association so ensuring a good relationship with your commmunity association is critical.  

Community associations are usually registered non-profit societies. Community garden groups tend to be informal groups of gardeners.  In order for the two groups to work well together it is important to: 

  • Prepare Terms of Reference describing the relationship of the garden group to the community association.  
  • Identify how the community garden team maintains regular communication with the community association.
  • Define how bank accounts will be handled.  Usually, the community gardeners arrange to have a bank account that is a line item in the community association's budget. 
  • Understand the cheque signing process at the community association.  Cheques are often co-signed by two community association board members once a month, meaning it can take up 30 days to be reimbursed for expenses.  


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