Gardening for Life!

Tips for Shared Gardens

Gardening Land as a Group

If you have a shared garden there's:

  -  unlimited membership.


 -  an abundance of produce ready at the same time to harvest & share.

  -  a membership fee to finance the garden (instead of a garden bed rental fee).

  -  decisions on what to plant by seed & seedling & where to plant it.


 -   a garden planting map where the varieties of seeds are identified.

 -  decisions on which beauty perennials to plant where.

 -   a supply list with costs for a shopping trip.

  -  every garden section and plant cluster is identified by a weatherproof label.

  -  gardening gets done at social gardening events with dates set and advertised in April for the May to October growing season.

  -  set  1 spring cleanup date, 3 planting dates, 6 weeding dates, 10 watering dates, 4 harvest dates, 1 fall cleanup to put the garden to bed & plant spring flower bulbs unappealing to squirrels such as daffodils.

  -  intensive planting layout is used instead of row planting to make the most of limited space.

  -  "Ready to Harvest" and "Not Ready to Harvest" signs are placed by the person acting as weekly Garden Angel  / Hero & checking on the garden each day.  Every garden member takes one week during the summer to act as Garden Angel or Garden Hero.


  - beginner gardeners learn from more experienced gardeners.