Gardening for Life!

Sample Model A

Model A:

Most affordable Garden Bed:  Spending Your Funding on Soil


Mounded beds with Edging: Sod Remains in Place

1.   Call Alberta One Call to get map of buried utilities.  Place garden beds well away from buried utility lines.

2.   Mark out the boundaries of the entire garden.

3.   Plan and invite residents to a sheet mulching party

4.   Sheet mulching makes the weed barrier of heavy corrugated cardboard or multiple layers of newspapers overlapped and sprayed with water.

5.    Layer on straw, soil and compost over entire site. (Do not use animal manures!)

6.    Layer on pathway material according to measurements on the garden drawing. 

7.   Place garden edging and secure into ground firmly.

8.   Move soil into areas within the edging.

9.  Complete the layer of pathway materials.

10. Label garden beds.

12. Assemble a container food garden near the water source, accessible pathway,p arking & seating area.  Use large containers that are 22 to 24 inches high for accessible gardening from lawn chairs and wheelchairs.

In addition, this model of garden construction can give a structured appearance to create a beautiful food forest style garden using permaculture methods.  


Residents may choose this garden bed construction style because they dislike the look of wooden raised beds in rows.  The edging around the mounded soil is appealing to residents who are concerned about a garden being disorderly in a residential neighbourhood due to soil erosion and lack of garden rental bed boundaries.