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Footpath Mulch

Footpath mulch is popular for the spaces between garden plots because it allows gardeners to avoid the work involved in mowing and trimming grass pathways while still allowing rainwater to be absorbed. Here are some things to keep in mind for your footpath mulch:

  • Aim for 4 inches of mulch for footpaths.
  • Add a little footpath mulch each spring, because some will decompose into earth over the winter.
  • When choosing your mulch, ensure it is relatively dirt free. This will reduce muddiness during rainy periods.
  • Arborists are a often a great source of free footpath mulch.  When they are pruning trees they chip the wood and it makes ideal footpath mulch. They typically cannot deliver mulch on demand, but are often very happy to drop off a load when they have a truckload.  Even better, they will usually not charge you for this, because it saves them from paying dumping fees at the landfill. Just be clear to specify that you cannot take wood from diseased trees.
  • Mulch is available at the East Calgary Landfill at no extra charge and must be loaded by hand.  Calgarians are welcome to take one or two truck loads.  View the City of Calgary landfill hours and

    Advice from our friends at the City of Calgary:
    "Please note: the mulch is created from Christmas trees and can be acidic in nature.

    It is not recommended for tender annuals but can be used around evergreens, for garden displays, and is helpful for water retention and weed control.  Consult your local greenhouse for more information."